3 Positive Ways to Turn Monday Into The New Friday

Everyone’s least favourite day of the week, Monday, always seems to roll around sooner than expected. The dreaded early morning, an entire week’s worth of work ahead of us and more often than not, a Monday morning meeting. If only there was a way to wind back the clock, through the weekend’s shenanigans and back to Friday at 5 o’clock. Well, we don’t have a time machine, but we can offer a few ways to make your Monday feel more like a Friday.

Get Up Earlier
It may sound ambitious, and a bit ridiculous for some, but if you set your alarm earlier you’ll have more time to ease yourself into the day ahead. Getting up in a rush, not showering, eating half your breakfast and running out the house without a shirt on can create a stressful start to the day. Being able to have the time to go through your morning routine properly, and calmly, can define the entire day ahead. And if you have the chance, do something you enjoy. Catch-up on the latest news headlines, read a book, listen to your favourite music. All these things can pave the way for a positive day.

Monday Traditions
Creating a Monday tradition means doing something, just for you, to help perk you up for the day ahead. Buy a cupcake that you love eating, but usually deprive yourself of because you’ve never had time to go get one. Creating these little routines means that every Monday morning you’ll have something to look forward too. Something that’ll help you get out of bed. So go and find the little things that you enjoy that can act as pick me ups, and your Monday will soon start becoming your new favourite day.

Prepare Beforehand
The Friday before, instead of fidgeting and procrastinating towards the end of the day, start preparing for the following week. Write a To-Do list, and it’ll help your tired mind to get back on track when you show up in the office on Monday morning.

The simplest things can help create a better start to the week ahead.