Defeating that Unemployment Dragon and How to Do It

When you’re working, earning an income and job searching it can be a lot simpler to find another career, than when you’re unemployed. When you’re unemployed, the game changes. Employers immediately assume, unless you’re a fresh varsity or high school graduate, that you’ve got a sketchy career history, you haven’t got the experience or you’re lacking the skills. When you’re unemployed, you need to be able to prove them wrong. You need to show them that you’re got what it takes.

Here’s how.

Learn a New Skill
Being able to show potential employers that you’re using your downtime productively, is a sure fire way to prove to them that you’re worth their time. Just by doing so proves that you can take initiative and work on your own.
A new skill is also always good to show off, especially if it applies to the field you’re looking to get into. It shows interest in the industry, and employers are always looking for people who are eager to learn.

Start a Project
Finding a hobby and embracing it is also good for job searching. Pursuing your hobby can also open you up to new career opportunities that you may enjoy more. Creating something from nothing is difficult, so taking the time (while you have it) to work on a little project is something that can help build your CV. This can also help you to build your skills, and the final project can actually be proof of your skills and talents.

Take a Temp Job
In the meantime, if you can’t find a career that works for you, take a temporary job. These can often act as platforms that could turn into fulltime work. Just by being in the working world means you can interact with other working professionals, and this can help you to find a fulltime job and expand your professional network of contacts. If you don’t get a fulltime job out of it, then at least it’s something you can add to your CV, and it’ll be a little extra money to put food on the table.

Breaking out of the dreaded unemployment cycle can be tough, but it is possible. Work hard, prove your worth and never stop searching. Soon you’ll find something that works for you.