Do No Less Than Dress to Impress for Your Next Interview

The way you dress speaks volumes about yourself before you even say a word. When going for an interview, this becomes even more relevant. We can call it a pre-dialogue between you and your interviewer. Now, this “pre-dialogue” is extremely important due to the fact that it is an introduction to who you are, based on how you choose to present yourself. In this article, we will help you to present yourself in the best possible manner by giving you tips on which dress is best to impress your interviewer.


Since dressing down is not an option, the most professional thing to wear would be a suit. When I say suit, I mean the entire suit. Not just the pants without the jacket or vice versa. A full, dark coloured suit, paired with a light shirt never fails.
A good haircut would let them know that you take care of yourself, assuring them that you can take care of business too. Keep your hair, conservative, neat and very clean.

Flashy or loud colour ties should be avoided. Cologne is not a good idea either as you might smell a little overpowering, or worse, cause an allergic reaction.
It would be best to not leave the house without deodorant. As much as you don’t want to smell overpowering, you also don’t want to smell like an Australopithecus Robustus who spent the last 5 million years under the African Sun without a single bath.


Generally, the appropriate attire would be a suit, skirt or pants but since it’s 2017, ladies can do without it. Style should be conservative, clothes should be fitted according to your body because if you wear skirt or pants that splits your body in half or a blazer that’s too tight, you won’t look or perform at your best. Make sure you’ve taken a bath and you’re smelling great.
Hair should be clean, neat and conservatively styled. Jewellery and accessories should be minimal and professional. Nothing over extravagant. When wearing pantyhose/stockings, make sure it’s neutral and that it matches your skin tone.

Avoid heavy make-up at all costs. Keep it as subtle and as natural as you can. Shoes that would be considered appropriate for clubbing should be left at home, as well as shoes with an open toe or open-back. It looks unprofessional and not cute either. Shorts, sundresses and short skirts should be worn to the beach and not a job interview. Hats and sunglasses should be left home. Do not eat food that will make your breath smell, such as garlic or sausage and do not smoke before your interview. Make sure you have breath freshener or gum to chew before your interview.

These are basic do’s and don’ts, but so many of us forget them when we go for an interview. A little reminder has never done anything but help you remember.