Public Cloud VS Private Cloud – Who Will Win the Storage Wars?

Cloud computing is recognized as one of the biggest trends in IT for companies, governments as well as individuals. It has developed into the foundation for fundamental start-up businesses, it also provides constant increasing improvements in effectiveness for IT users and not forgetting it’s ongoing reduction in operational costs. When deciding whether to use a private cloud service and a public cloud service, there are a few things to take into consideration.

1. Features
In scale, public clouds are quintessentially larger than private clouds. Public clouds provide many services allowing the sharing of files among many different groups of people. Thich is ideal for getting your business off the ground. On the other hand, private clouds provide features such as accounting tools, CRM and OMS functions for growing business which can be beneficial when thinking long term.

2. IT Support
Private clouds offer integrated IT support, 24 hours a day to assist with technical issues in a timely manner. Public clouds (primarily due to its larger network) have some challenges surrounding immediate assistance to it’s users.

3. Security
In a shared network, users are able to find keywords in your searches and other online activities. This is beneficial for businesses to locate existing data but some would recognise this as a risk for hacking attacks. Public clouds offer strict security to ensure that user information cannot be intercepted and private clouds can go as far as to limit the sharing capabilities among certain groups, depending on the preferences of the user.

4. Recovery
It is extremely vital for users’ data to be protected at all times. Public cloud tools may not always have an integrated data recovery solution but allows users to purchase the above mentioned tool. Private clouds normally offer built in solutions for data recovery with no extra costs.

It is clear that cloud computing is evolving and becoming (if not already) a pinnacle point in the development of start-up companies and existing organisations, and knowing what cloud storage service to choose is a vital part of building your business.

When the future comes a knocking, do you know where you’ll be storing your information?