The 5 Best Research Methods for Students

If you are reading this article, by now you have realised that Google is not enough to gather in-depth information on the papers and assignments you receive at University or College. There comes a time when high school research methods just don’t cut it anymore and we have to find alternative methods to accumulate accurate information.

Here are a few foolproof methods for more in-depth and accurate research:

Scholarly Journals
Scholarly journals are databases of research and papers done by professionals and experts on many different topics. These topics are spread across almost every academic sphere of study. There are hundreds of journals that students can access for free at their Universities.

The Library
The library is, and always has been, the best place to do research. Many people believe that books have become irrelevant and outdated, but on the contrary, books are great sources for assignments and papers. What’s more, if you get stuck or cannot find the information you need, you can always ask the librarian who will be thrilled to lend a hand.

Google Scholar
Remember those scholarly journals we discussed in earlier? Well Google Scholar is another place you can find research papers. Generally, you will be expected to pay for the journals but it is easily accessible and has all the referencing on site.

Ask Professionals
What better way to find information than to ask the professionals who actually generate the information. Direct quotes from a professional will grant you some extra credit and provide you with new information that could be valuable to you and your university.

Google issues speedy surface information but finding in-depth, citation-worthy and reliable information on the search engine might take a lot of time. Whereas when using information resources such as books and scholarly reports or journals, you will never have to doubt its legitimacy.

Surveys, literature reviews and focus groups are a few more ways to accumulate reliable, accurate information for your assignments and papers. Now that you’re updated on the best methods for research, go and get your A+!