Explore job opportunities in India’s emerging economy!

Apart from acknowledging that the great Indian independence leader, Mahatma Gandhi spent a number of years in South Africa and fought for civil rights in this country, we should pay tribute to the business relationship that India holds with South Africa today.

It is important to note that historically, bilateral trade between South Africa and India went up by a staggering 135% between 2007 and 2012. Indian companies invested $328.25 million in South Africa from 2008 to 2013. This is according to Sujata Sudarshan, CEO of the Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre.

There is said to be a growing economic and commercial relationship between South Africa and India, which paves the way for both South Africans and Indians to explore job opportunities in the opposite countries. South Africans though, prefer finding jobs in Mumbai.

Why should South Africans work in India?

Abdullah Verachia, Frontier Advisory director and head of India says that India was forecast to be the world’s fastest growing economy over the period 2006 to 2020. If this is not enough reason to make use of the opportunity, then nothing will suffice in this regard. India is ranked second in Asia, after China in terms of incoming foreign direct investment.

What’s really great about working in India, is that employees are constantly surrounded by a spirit of entrepreneurship, which could be felt right across the country. As a result of this, the economoy of the country will continue to grow.

Relations between India and South Africa date back many decades. This allowed South Africa to open itself to Indian business trade. The historical relationship that these countries share, together with their current status of ’emerging economies’, will ensure that both, South Africans and Indians are safe and comfortable when working in either of countries.

Over and above all this, as a South African working in India, you’ll get to enjoy the delicious Indian cuisine every day of your life and you get to live in the country home to the Taj Mahal, an iconic structure that tops the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. What more could you ask for?