Jump at these job opportunities in Kenya!

Kenya is known to have one of the most thriving economies in Africa. This stems from its stable agricultural, manufacturing and real estate sectors. Kenya is a major business hub in eastern Africa and job seekers are generally looking to find jobs in Nairobi. The country is home to prominent multinational companies such as, General Electric, Nokia, Coca-Cola, Toyota and SAB Miller.

The industry sectors that are most likely to recruit those from other countries include tourism, journalism, development and teaching. Moreover, recruiters who require flexible work would usually recruit one of the specialised freelancers in Kenya.

Though, a number of people don’t just move to Kenya to fiind basic employment. Some people go there with the sole reason to set up their own business and even to settle with a family. There is plenty of opportunity for career growth, the economy is thriving in East Africa and the people there are generally willing to help and invest in your busines ideas. As with any business venture, it is imperative that you do extensive background research before veturing into business with anyone.

Kenya is not just about work and business. It really doesn’t matter if you’re in Diani, Watamu, Kilifi, Malindi or Lamu, you will have your feet sunk into soft white sand while being surrounded with exotic palm trees and empty beaches . The best part is that the coast is only a one hour flight away from Nairobi.

If Kenya is not a long-term option for you, but you’d still like to enjoy an experience of working there, you may apply to the many volunteer jobs within the Kenyan government and also, a number of NGO organisations. The country is a hub for NGOs and serves as the central point for the operations of aid organisations in East Africa. As a result, many come into the country to work in teaching or development positions, regardless of their skill set.

Moreover, the United Nations holds quite a number of offices in the capital, Nairobi.