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African Media Entertainment (AME) is a broadcast company listed in the Media and Entertainment sector of the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa. Their radio and digital brands target numerous large and demographically-distinct audiences. Their properties can deliver a message to consumers with unrivaled frequency in their regions. This company's success is due to their entrepreneurial brands. This company has brands or radio stations and employees who all share the same philosophy about operational proficiency and customer focus. These brands listen to their listeners and cooperate with their advertisers. And most importantly they are enthusiastic and find innovative ways to make the stations synonymous with their audiences AME is all about radio and every day they strive to make their stations as informative and listener-friendly as possible. AME attempts to create the best radio broadcasting enterprise, this is dependent on professional people and technological superiority. This will ensure high quality, local programming choices for listeners and disposable income with buying preferences for our advertisers. Additionally, AME promotes a challenging career environment for their employees, and moreover shareholders are given wealth generation opportunities.

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African Media Entertainment