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Avusa Limited is South Africa`s number one media and entertainment company , it is a supplier of media material and services which includes ; newspapers, magazines, producers, publishers, distributors of music, films, books, as well as providing retail solutions. The company is divided into various divisions; media, retail, entertainment, books, maps, retail solutions, film and music. Avusa limited officially made name for itself on the 20th November 2007 with its new name came into power, Johnic Communications Limited (Johncom). Over the past years the company has developed and grown and became an out-standing media and entertainment organisation in South Africa and around the continent. Employees at Avusa are the basis of the company’s success. Avusa strives for performance and growth within the employee group through training their staff. At Azusa they believe that a good working environment is built on instilling respect, trust, openness, and honest communications within the workplace.

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