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Brand development has always been on the forefront of formal market merchandising, but failed to cater to a need in rural and informal communities. DMG came into the field of marketing as a niche business, professionally promoting brands by means of a specialised marketing strategy that promotes brands “on the move”. The outsource company, founded in 2002, took the initiative by placing emphasis on the need for employment in informal and rural communities. Their innovative campaign received the MTN Formal Market Merchandising Contract. This campaign exposed Field Merchandisers to branded and retail store merchandising, with a specific focus on distribution and display point of sale. Field merchandisers serve as the intermediary between product and consumer- representing brand ideals and putting them into action. The company brings the brand to the consumer, using data gathered from marketer interactions to adopt an insider approach to marketing. DMG ensures that through innovation and expertise, your brand remains on the move.

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