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18 June 2018

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Assembly Line Worker Job Description

What does an assembly line worker do?

Assembly line workers are in charge of a particular process of production in a factory. They often work with a particular machine or use their hands for a specific task essential to the completion of a specific product. There are also assembly line workers in charge of ensuring product quality as they are in charge of inspecting every product coming out of the assembly line.

Typical work activities of an assembly line worker?

An assembly line worker is often assigned with a specific task in a production line. They usually work at business hours although they could be asked to work in night shift if the factory operates 24 hours a day. They report directly to an assembly line supervisor who constantly monitors their performance on a specific task. There could be instances that an assembly line worker will be assigned to a different task where they have to cover for another worker.

Training and education requirements?

Education requirements for assembly line workers depend on the product although many products do not require a college degree. The task is often very simple but very repetitive and physically challenging. While there is no educational requirement, a person interested to work as an assembly line worker has to be physically fit and has the patience to work long hours doing the same task.

Although rarely a must, some companies prefer assembly line workers with experience. This is especially true when the product requires special skills such as use of special equipment in the production line.

Where can I work as an assembly line worker?

Assembly line workers can find employment in various factories around the world. There is a constant demand for assembly line workers as products have to be continuously sent out to the market for consumption. There is no government job for assembly line work.

Can I work for myself in this job?

To become an assembly line worker, they need to be employed to work for a specific task. Because of this requirement they can never work as freelance assembly workers or on their own.

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