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Customer Executive 

The Account Manager / Sales Executives primary
  responsibility is to create and to develop ongoing business relationships
  newly targeted and identified clients. The Account Manager / Sales Executive
  works closely with our Business & Product Development department,
  Technical Sales Support, and Outside Channel Sales, as well as the Customer
  Satisfaction Department. 

The Account Manager / Sales Executive is responsible for acquiring
  new clients for the   Group, and
  maintaining the relationship between the clients and the Group. In this role,
  the Account Manager / Sales Executive is responsible for representing the
  entire solution and product portfolio to new clients in multiple locations.
  The Account Manager / Sales Executive serves as the primary contact for the
  new / existing client, which emphasizes the need for both excellent customer
  skills and a thorough knowledge of the industry. 

Processes and Procedures 
  Ensure all relevant
  departments’ processes, procedures and templates are used at all times and
  are in line with the   Group standard
  Continuously forward
  suggestions to improve current processes, procedures and templates.
  Ensure business
  adherence to the Group’s standards and methodology are applied at all times.
  Ensure that all
  processes and procedures are documented, 
  Register all new
  project processes, procedures and templates into the Library and ensure that
  archiving occurs daily.
  Ensure that all
  relevant departments’ documentation is filed and stored in a central place
  and available to those resources that require same.
  Maintain and update the
    Group documents within the electronic
  centralised library as appropriate.
  Maintain a hardcopy
  library of project/sales related documents. 

1.2        Primary Sales Responsibilities 

The main responsibility & deliverables of the
  Account Manager / Sales
  Executive are listed below,
  New Client Acquisition

  1.   Achieve sales budgets

  2.   Account Retention

  3.   Revenue Assurance

  4.   Up Selling

  5.   Customer Satisfaction as per set SLA’s

  6.   Collections

  7.   Budget

Core Functions & Responsibilities as
  Sales Executive

  Identification of prospects

  •   Proposal creation and acceptance

  •   Deal closure with client

  •   Handover of deal for implementation

  •   Post implementation & review

  •   Providing help and advice to customers, using the organisation's products or services;

  •   Communicating courteously with customers by telephone, email and face to face;

  •   Investigating and solving customers' problems

  •   Handling customer complaints or any crises,

  •   Keeping accurate records of discussions or correspondence with customers;

  •   Producing written information for customers

  •   Visiting customers to provide a one-to-one service;

  •   Meeting with other managers to discuss possible improvements to customer service provided;

  •   Learning and becoming au-fait about the Group's products or services and keeping up to date with any changes;

  •   Learning and keeping ahead of customer’s IT infrastructural requirements

  •   Keeping ahead of developments in customer service by reading relevant journals, going to meetings and attending courses.

  •   Whatever the setting, you will need to behave in a professional and responsible manner. The work may be stressful when dealing with customers who are upset or angry.

1.3        Technical Responsibilities
  Be responsible for the development of IT solution architecture design and strategy specific to client’s needs, IT strategy and budget constraints.

  •   Take ownership of designed solution offering.

  •   Develop and execute a solution strategy and business plan that support product growth.

  •   Offer such technical assistance and expert advice to Sales Team and Customer Satisfaction team.


  1.         Communication


  Clear verbal and writing ability is required for explaining / distribution / communication of information and instructions.

  •   Ability to probe and
      check understanding of both parties.

  •   Reinforce standards,
      processes and procedures of the project.

  •   Presentation skills

2.         Listening  

  •   Able to understand and
      acknowledge others views and issues that are raised by customers.

  •   Receptive to ideas and
      feedback from customers.

  •   Attuned to all possible
      sources and useful information.

  •   Make time to listen to
      others’ problems.

  •   Attuned to all possible
      sources of useful information

3.         Motivation and Leadership
  Respect for the organisation’s needs as well as for the team.

  •   Self-motivated

4.         Building Confidence

  Demonstrate own belief in and high expectations for the success of any deliverables in the project.

  •   Must have the personal maturity to be able to have the self-confidence to complete the task or meet
      a challenge.

5.         Continuous Improvement
  Continually seeks to improve on and update the project processes.

  •   Remain committed to quality objectives.

6.         Initiative
  Tenacity or  perseverance in staying with a difficult problem until it is completed.

  •   Addressing present problems before being required to do so.

  •   Acting on future opportunities or problem

7.         Teamwork and Cooperation

  Feels part of the project team and works closely with colleagues to achieve the project objectives.

  •   Ability to understand importance of team word.

  •   Contributing to a positive team spirit.

8.         Information Seeking
  Correctness in probing for answers.

  •   Networking amongst others.

9.         Personality 
  Drive and  commitment Tough minded – able to withstand pressure

  •   Optimistic – able to keep spirits up despite setbacks

  •   Decisive – weighs things up quickly, prepared to take risks

  •   Approachable

  •   Professional

  •   Exacting – considers the facts, options and outcomes before making decisions

  •   Flexible  

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