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Purpose of Position

The Certified Diagnosis Technician is the specialist for systematically

performing complex diagnoses of defects, for monitoring repair processes, performing final inspections and, if necessary, handing vehicles over to customers. He/she will support co-workers not only with systematic diagnoses, but also during the following steps of the repair process, thus ensuring professional solutions even in difficult cases. By optimizing diagnostic procedures and passing on diagnostic know-how and information about technical innovations to co-workers, the efficiency of the workshop will be enhanced.

As a representative of the Mercedes-Benz brand, the Certified  Diagnosis Technician will act in a reliable, credible and partner-oriented manner. He/she should think and act as a service provider and respond competently towards co-workers and customers even in stressful situations. By approaching customers and their property in a manner that shows appreciation for their respective value, he/she should make a substantial contribution to the brand image and to customer satisfaction. He/she will be required to work independently and develop his/her individual strategies for solving problems that arise.

Roles and Responsibilities

Key Performance Indicators

Preparing work ! Receive and check the contents of the workshop order form.

! Register the handling time and check the vehicle’s history.

Conduct fault diagnosis (including prediagnosis)

! Receive the vehicle and immediately fit fender covers

! During pre-diagnosis, use checklists, on the basis of which the proper execution of each step can be checked and documented correctly

! Conduct complex diagnoses and pre-diagnoses of vehicles systematically and professionally, using appropriate diagnostic tools and aids (visual control, on-board diagnosis, test drive and off-board diagnosis).

! Document the results of pre-diagnosis on the workshop order.

! Check that equipment and data are up to data and of the right quality and prepares the vehicle and/or the required diagnostic tools.

! Contact the customer, if necessary, in order to obtain additional information about malfunctions.

! Collaborate with the System Technician or Workshop foreman/Workshop Manager to perform difficult diagnoses under dynamic test conditions in the workshop or on the road.

! Identify the cause of specific malfunctions and initiates possible measures for remedying the problem.

! Compare the current state of the vehicle with common production configurations and evaluates its technical condition.

! Document diagnostic methods and procedures in a suitable diagnosis


! When particularly complex technical problems arise and/or diagnoses

produce no results, the Diagnostic Technician should turn to the Diagnosis

Expert in the Dealer Technical Assistance Center (DTAC).

! Contact the Dealer Technical Assistance Center (DTAC)) to minimize excess time spent on warranty and goodwill work.

Provide support for diagnoses and repairs

! Advise and support the workshop personnel in difficult diagnostic cases.

! Ensure that the workshop personnel conduct diagnoses systematically.

Advise and support the workshop personnel when they need information

! Conduct internal ordering of repair work based on the diagnosis produced,using the prescribed tools and equipment in consultation with the System

Technician or Maintenance Technician. Conduct the work him/herself in certain cases.

! Check or make modifications based on the diagnosis produced.

! Perform final tests of function and quality to ensure that the repairs carried out will hold.

! Support retrofitting and putting into service of complex special equipment,or carries out such retrofitting him/herself.

! Perform all special tasks.

! If diagnosis does not produce a specific result or findings, or he/she takes too long to produce a diagnosis, he/she should contact the Diagnosis

Support Center and obtain external support from there.

Conduct final checks and vehicle hand-over

! Perform final checks on the vehicle being repaired, using testing and measuring equipment, to ensure repairs have been carried out in full, and

that the vehicle is roadworthy and functionally reliable.

! Check functional reliability of main components and systems under dynamic testing conditions.

! Check whether the vehicle is leaving the workshop in perfect condition.

! In consultation with the Certified Service Advisor, he/she hands over the repaired vehicle personally to the customer and explains both the results of

diagnosis and the work performed on the vehicle.

! If necessary, give the customer additional handling instructions.

! If requested by the customer or asked by the Service Adviser, perform a test drive with the customer.

Perform relevant tasks as required

! Give co-workers in the workshop technical advice and information about product-specific problems.

! Establish and maintain contact with Dealer Technical Assistance Center (DTAC) in order to solve difficult technical problems more quickly.

! Routinely pass on data regarding the results of diagnoses (diagnosis database) to contacts in the relevant Support Centers.

! Independently acquire the necessary knowledge for diagnosing new products, and acts as a multiplier by passing on this knowledge as to his coworkers.

! Advise customers on technical matters and subsequent installation of special equipment, showing customers how to handle and operate such


! Prepare technical reports on products, detailing vehicle defects, describing causes of defects and appropriate optimization measures, and confer with the Certified Service Advisor and the Workshop Foreman on said document.


! Initiate orders for special tools, in consultation with the workshop management, for diagnosing and repairing new products and systems

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