Biotechnology Expert China

Position: Biotechnology Expert

Department: Biotechnology Laboratory

Location: Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China

Salary Range: Start from CNY 1,000,000/year, no ceiling

Target Companies: Syngenta (Switzerland), Bayer (Germany), DuPont (US), Dow Chemical (US), BASF (Germany), Sumitomo Chemical (Japan), Shell (UK & Holland), PPG (US) 


  1. 1.        Actively promote the construction of biotechnology platform, formation of research teams, identify new research directions

  2. 2.        Establish medium to long term development plan of new research field, submit annual work plans and be responsible for the implementation

  3. 3.        Actively apply and undertake the research projects in new research field

  4. 4.        Grasp the development trend of new research directions, actively promote the domestic and foreign cooperation of biotechnology platform

  5. 5.        Develop and train reserve echelon for new research directions 


  1. 1.        Major in Biotechnology or related professional

  2. 2.        Professor or enterprise technology R&D Director, understanding of development status and trend of biotechnology new directions, with a wealth of research and development experience in biotechnology and related professional, undertaken or participated in related large research projects

  3. 3.        Have strong related knowledge and operation skills of biotechnology research and development, High level of English and computer science

  4. 4.        Strong sense of innovation, insight and strong market awareness, able to grasp domestic and foreign research and development trends in time

  5. 5.        Have certain management experience, able to organize a research team to meet the needs of new research directions development 

Institute’s Background:

The Institute was established in 1949, as the first national key comprehensive chemical research facility directly under the supervision of the (former) Chinese Ministry of Chemical Industry. In July 1999, through the approval of Ministries and Commissions directly under the State Council, the Institute became a large-scale scientific and technological enterprise unit directly under the central government. In July 2007, under the approval of the State Council, it was reorganized as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China Sinochem Group, a Fortune 500 company.

The Institute deals in fine chemicals including pesticides, dyestuffs, intermediates and additives; research and development of technology for chemical processes and environmental protection, and production of high-tech products. It is the supporting unit for the National Engineering Research Centers for Agrichemicals and for Dyestuffs, National Agrichemical Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the National Dyestuff Quality Supervision and Testing Center and the National New Drug Safety Evaluation Center, the Agrichemical and Dyestuff Information Centers, and the Establishing Organization of Agrichemical and Dyestuffs Committees and Fine Chemical Industry Society as well as accredited to grant master' s degrees in applied chemistry and as a post-doctoral research station. The Institute is currently a national pilot innovative enterprise, a national high and new technology enterprise and has received permission to build a National Key Laboratory for new pesticide creation and development.

Currently, the Institute has 1212 active employees and 958 retirees. Among the active staff there are 685 professionals, 46 professor level employees and 128 senior technical staff. There are 24 Ph.D.’s and 195 with Masters’ degrees. For SYRICI, the result of 60 years of development has been glorious success. Altogether, the institute has brought 2382 research projects to fruition. Since 1977, it has received 359 different awards of various levels. Among these, 47 are national level awards and 188 are from the provincial level. Additionally , the institute has completed a remarkable 128 National Key Science and Technology Projects during the sixth to eleventh Five-year Plans and set up more than 1000 national and industry standards.
As a result of unceasing deepening of reform, the Institute radiates new vitality and energy. Guided by the market, keeping profit as the core, and innovation as the impetus for the company’s strategic management, it has accelerated the transformation of its scientific and technological achievement, to further boost its core competence and to promote the sustainability, health and rapid development of the company.
The Institute has accelerated the process of building its research system and staff, creating harmonious and sustainable development, making great efforts to develop both quickly and with excellence, to unceasingly drive the development of technology for the industry, in order to make a new contribution to our country and society. In order to build the Institute into a first tier domestic scientific and technological enterprise with definite international influence and to build a respected global position for Sinochem, the current Institute staff must put forth great effort and fulfill the task.

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