Business Partner Manager Sales Planning and Intelligence

  • Recruiter:Only the Best Randburg
  • Location:Not Specified
  • Salary:Salary Negotiable
  • Sector:Sales Jobs
  • Job Type:Permanent
  • Date added:22 August 2012
  • AA/EE opportunity?:No
  • Benefits:Not included
Task Complexity: Indicates those KPA's that are essential to the position itself. These are normally specific to the incumbent, the job,a nd the function. Excludes role and leadership / management.

Operational Planning
* Input into the long-term plan (1-2 years) for the Sales Planning and Intelligence Unit with specific focus on business support and enablement
* Input into identifying ways to fine tune systems in line with changing work practices
* Recommend ways to exploit new opportunities to grow the business further
* Assist in identifying innovative ways to use minimum resources to achieve maximum outputs

Reporting and Feedback
* Assume responsibility for the overall reporting activities within the Business Partner function, and ensure the compilation of value-adding reports
* Ensure the preparation of monthly reports as per pre-defined templates for business, detailing budget variances and comments. Provide input from the perspective of cross-departmental functions
* Report on business focus areas and business drivers to inform business performance. Consider the long term (1-2 years) implications of recommendations made from a more broad perspective
* Conduct scenario planning on order to facilitate the evaluation and definition of business assumptions/inputs to Business Finance to inform financial models
* Propose relevant inputs and forecasts for SSO for all strategic initiatives
* Ensure the development of reporting of KPI's for each division within SSO
* Coordinate and support the business with relevant information for planning and target setting via analysis and interpretation of results. Consider local conditions, as well as competitor activity
* Analyse and provide market trends to the Business Partner area to facilitate the planning and development of analysis to support Customer Management activities in line with approved business plans
* Interpret business reporting requirements to update data marts

Internal presentation and tracking of channel management activities

* Manage the planning and development of analysis that supports the channel management activities to meet strategic requirements.
* Facilitate the Forecasting of KPI's for each unit in Sales & Service (e.g. quarterly sales forecasts; quarterly handset forecasts; commissions forecasts). Consider the impact of these forecasts on other areas of the business, as well as the interdependency of departments
* Enable channel management by supplying relevant information to gauge the effectiveness of channel operations. Consider best practice, competitor activity, as well as local conditions
* Design and implement reporting to facilitate enhanced understanding of channel performance and the drivers of profitability, channel specific variables, product purchase, distribution strategies and internal and external environmental influences
* Deliver insightful interpretations of intelligence, to a range of internal functions
* Track and analyse SSO activities and trends. Compare analyses against service standards and best practices, and make appropriate recommendations that will positively impact the unit and inform new business strategy / development. Input into recommending adjustments to address and/or capitalise on trends
* Create focused dashboards to measure efficiencies and report on areas for optimization
* Assist with benchmarking activities with other companies and organizations within and outside the industry. Assist SSO in interpreting and comparing benchmarking data to SSO's strategies

Facilitate value chain optimization
* Understand the value chain of each business unit and their inter-dependencies on other business units
* Collaborate with Marketing and Sales to ensure relevant information is acquired, collated and translated into knowledge and insights that will enable SSO to enhance / achieve its strategic objectives
* Keep abreast of industry developments by maintaining contact with experts, knowledge centres and networking both internally and externally. Track and report on processes that are not yielding desired results and create collaboration forums to suggest/develop corrective action
* Assess the effectiveness/efficiencies of processes and projects to ensure sustainability, adopting a cross-functional approach

Proactive collaboration with internal customers
* Ensure internal customer needs and requirements are satisfied through appropriate systems / processes / procedures
* Raise all the needs for financial modelling in Sales and Services and establish Business Finance support
* Coordination and collate all inputs necessary to support Business requirements
* Arrange regular sessions with customers to inform, educate and facilitate feedback, to enhance overall SSO performance

Supervisory / Leadership / Managerial Complexity: Refers to the responsibilities for directing, guiding, motivating and influencing others.

* Recruit, develop and retain people with outstanding skills, qualifications and potential
* Set boundaries within which direct reports will operate
* Enable direct reports to do their work by monitoring, coaching and problem solving
* Continually assess the technical competence of the team and take steps to develop their knowledge and skill
* Equip people with the necessary skills and tools to enable them to perform effectively
* Identify, accumulate and analyse statistics that reflect on the team's performance
* Evaluate and assess people performance
* Recognise the strengths of individuals and make use of these to achieve goals
* Actively manage non-performance
* Enforce a customer-centric approach
* Develop supportive relationships with reports and encourage a team spirit
* Communicate actively and effectively resolving any potential conflicts that may arise, and sharing and providing relevant information
* Live the Brand - change and influence employees behaviour

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