Divisional Marketing Manager - Fourways


• Holds primary accountability for the Marketing function of the Medical Portfolio
• Works closely with the Managing Director of Ascendis Medical Division to lead strategy, goals, market growth, and to develop and implement
plans on an operational level
• To manage the KPI’s of the subordinates to ensure that the overall objectives of the department are reached in line with company objectives.

• Product Portfolio for Ascendis Medical
• Conduct divisional and product strategies
• Conduct divisional and product business plans
• Rollout action plans per strategy and business plan
• Support business from a collective Ascendis Medical brand perspective
• Formulate and operate within the marketing budget per division

Develop brand strategies to maximise sales and profits of the portfolio
• To develop and implement the divisional strategy aligned to the company vision and stakeholder objectives, which will deliver both short and
long-term growth and profitability to the Medical division.

Implement divisional strategies
• Integrate above overall Ascendis Medical divisional strategies, plans and objectives into an annual, quarterly and monthly divisional or
product Plans, to include product launches, promotions, congresses and consumer communication campaigns. Develop a strong 360
campaigns to achieve the different divisions annual, quarterly and monthly goals. Manage resources allocated to achieve sales and profit

• Strategically formulating strict budgets per division.

Implement clear business plans per division:
• Formulate clear business plans per division in line with the above-mentioned strategy.
• Identify any potential gaps in the market space and formulate and implement divisional growth in accordance
• Rollout and manage strict budgets per division in the implementation of the business plans.
• Measure the success of the formulated business plans on a quarterly basis and adapt where needed

Promotion Management
• Understand the Medical market needs.
• Drive all promotional initiatives full circle (formulating, implement & measure)
• Meet with Sub MD’s and Divisional Managers to formulate a congress plan and budget in line with the strategic approach of each subsidiary
or division.
• Oversee all divisional training requirements per subsidiary
• Develop and rollout action plans for all operational marketing requirements for example congress stands.

Divisional brand management
• Develop and drive the overall Ascendis Medical brand inclusive of all the Ascendis Medical Subsidiaries
• Work Closely with the Ascendis Health Group Marketing Manager to drive a collective brand strategy which drives the strategic initiatives of
both head office and Ascendis Medical
• Assist the divisional MD with the management and tracking of the Ascendis Medical strategic initiatives (Divisional strategic KPA’s)
• Measure the divisions performance in line with the formulated strategy on a quarterly basis and report back to the divisional MD.

Market and competition landscap
• Work closely with the Sales and Ops team to investigate and understand competitor strengths, weaknesses and activities and direct the
division's response to these.
• Maintain accurate and up to date competitor evaluations.
• Obtain information from the market through direct contact and with Sales teams.

Innovation - brand development
• Work closely with Divisional MD to develop a strategy which involves:
• Manage Ideas Generation Workshops
• Follow Up on new business Opportunities
• Apply the Innovation Funnel
• Manage and co-ordinate product upgrades and regulatory compliance and related responsibilities from inception to first production
• Work closely with all other departments to ensure a timely launch of new products.

• 3 to 4 years B Comm/Marketing degree or equivalent Marketing qualification
• 8 years’ experience in the Medical and Medical Devices industry with the emphasise on operational experience. Demonstrable evidence of
required Embedded Knowledge and Competencies
• Be able to conduct a 360 (full circle) approach to marketing ranging from the formulation of strategy to the actionable rollout plans.
• Implement a Planning Process
• Deliver a Presentation
• Manage Personal Development
• Conduct Situational Analysis
• Develop Strategic Plan
• Develop and Monitor Activity Plan
• Identify and Develop Innovation Opportunities
• Maintain Divivional Brand Equity
• Manage Brand Communication Strategy and Process
• Computer skills (MS Office)
• Analytical skills
• Oral and written communication skills

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