Executive Housekeeper - Centurion

The main areas (but not only limited to this) the Executive Housekeeper manages are:                                                

                                 ?              Housekeeping and all public areas

                                 ?              Responsible for all Housekeeping Staff

                                 ?              Responsible for Housekeeping Staff Training

                                 ?              Supervising of Staff

                                 ?              Supervise Operation to keep up with set Standards & Hotel policies

                                 ?              Prime objective being service to the guest as well as for his/her comfort

                                 ?              Obey and make sure of the safety regulations

                                 ?              Control linen and Laundry

                                 ?              Control all guest supplies

                                 ?              Order Guest amenities

                                 ?              Cost control of staffing, Amenities and OE equipment

                                 ?              Report any discrepancies immediately to Rooms Div. And GM and Finance controller                                                

Key performance Areas:     

                                 ?    Ensure clean and tidy stocked rooms.

                                 ?    Public area and corridors to standard

                                 ?    Stock control

                                 ?    Quality control

                                 ?    Supervise, schedule and train housekeeping staff.                                    

Supervise and Training :     

                                 ?    Make sure all Team-members understand the importance of a safe and clean Hotel,

                                      (wet Floor signs etc.)

                                 ?    Plan Staff per Occupancy well, when ever possible to not occur overtime costs.

                                 ?    Keep up training and encourage Staff for a positive attitude  ( Lets do it )

                                 ?    Keep uniforms well maintained of all departments

                                 ?    Check that all O/E equipment is well taken care of and controlled.

                                 ?    Control linen when it comes back from Laundry  - check and Supervise - teach the Laundry Superviser how to do it. 

                                 ?    Cost control planning for Capex

                                 ?    Stock Control                                    

Training :                               

                                 ?    Make sure all areas are covered with well trained Staff members

                                 ?    Train all staff members knocking and entering procedure

                                 ?    No tolerance policy

                                 ?    Personal hygiene                                                


                                 ?    Council and guide staff where needed.

                                 ?    Oral communications                                                

Dimensions :                         

                                 ?    Written communication

                                 ?    Planning and organising

                                 ?    Impact

                                 ?    Energy and initiative

                                 ?    Individual leadership

                                 ?    Delegation

                                 ?    Development of staff

                                 ?    Safety awareness

                                 ?    Customer service orientation

                                 ?    Follow-up

                                 ?    Adaptability

                                 ?    Work standards

                                 ?    Stress tolerance

                                 ?    Organisational awareness

                                 ?    Analysis

                                 ?    Technical /Professional knowledge

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