Logistics and Dispatch Manager - Durban

I am currently seeking a Logistics and Dispatch Manager for my client in Durban
The remuneration package offered includes benefits and will be dependent on the qualifications and or experience of the successful applicant
To apply you must have a relevant degree or equivalent qualification.
Minimum Requirements

Relevant tertiary qualification in Warehousing / Logistics
Able to work well under pressure
Must be flexible with working hours
Minimum 10 years experience in a similar position
Must be able to enforce structures to ensure smooth running of receiving and dispatch departments

Job Specification

Reports to be prepared for Meetings:
· Scrap Reports;
· Production Reports;
· Machine Speeds;
· Printed Jobs Reconciliations;
· Extrusion Reconciliations;
· Day Shift / Night Shift Reconciliations

Current Orders to be reconciled against what has been or is being dispatched.
Ensure that Production does not over-produce as customers do not accept overstock.
New Orders to be requested from customers as often as possible, but with tact – do not harass customers.
Ensure that these orders are discussed with the director as well as with production so that order requirements are met.

Driver to be dispatched at 8.00am every day. Ensure that you have all accompanying paperwork ready (Delivery Notes & Spreadsheets).
Ensure that there are 3 people, including yourself, checking when vehicles are being loaded.
Ensure that you check with Director and Admin before dispatching off driver.

Deliveries with Outsourced Vehicles.

· Ensure that you load truck to its maximum potential. It is more cost-effective to send 1 large load, than 2 or 3 part loads during the week.

· The driver / owner needs to be advised of special instructions with regards to the delivery.

· Before doing invoices, you need to balance up with production. Check job cards!

· Reconcile job cards and count rolls to ensure that all are invoiced out and dispatched.

· Extrusion supervisor / manager to sign Job Card.

· Check your weights and items to be dispatched.

· Ensure that all is in order before printing invoice, ie. Customer names, qty, item code, order number, no. of pallets / rolls have been captured

· You are only to load vehicle once Directors signature is on the job card / spreadsheet.


· E-mails to be sent to customers every morning to request orders; follow-up on goods sent; advise them on status of their order requests or if
any delays encountered.

· Director to be copied in on all e-mails.

· Manage your time spent preparing and responding to e-mails.

· Remember that e-mails are a means of communication, so check e-mails from time to time as there may be urgent / critical e-mails coming
through from customers

Walk - abouts in Factory;

· Regular walk - abouts to be done in and around factory;

· First walk-about at 6.45am;

· Monitor machines speeds ;

· Ensure that there are no broken pallets, and reconcile Pallets;

· Pay attention to plant cleanliness ISO22000

· Find ways of making improvements.


· You should make it a habit of giving at least 4 to 5 updates every day.

Incoming Goods Received

· Check incoming goods against the documents accompanying them.

· Copy of D/n to be kept in your file and recorded in your incoming book.

· Original to be handed to accounts.

· Raw material coming from warehouse to be recorded according to no. of pallets received.


· Please advise Director prior to going to the warehouse. You require his permission prior to leaving the factory for any reason.

· The warehouse stock to be arranged as per demarcations – fire extinguishers easily accessible.

· At any given time, we must be able to conduct a stock take to verify that stocks balance.

· Ensure that warehouse is neat and tidy as per Food Safety standards

· Material to be labeled according to FIFO system.


· All scrap leaving factory to be weighed first on Dispatch scale and then weighed at weighbridge.

· Ensure that date, vehicle registration no., and driver’s signature are displayed on scrap book as proof.

· Your Scrap Record Book needs to be signed off by Admin after each load.

** Please note, Applications for this position close on Friday 28th September 2012 **

Unfortunately due to the large number of applicants we receive on a daily basis, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Should you not be contacted by 28th September, please consider your application as unsuccessful

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