Operations Controller - Cape Town

Main Objectives:

1. Control and coordinate all technical aspects and personnel pertaining to Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting on a specific job.
2. Ensure that preparation, installation and dis-assembly of Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting equipment and associated activities are carried out efficiently and safely according to the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act and Gearhouse standard practice.
3. Execute the technical aspects of a Live Event within the Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting discipline according to top production standards, including preproduction and postproduction elements.


• Check the equipment lists against technical information, ensuring that the list is comprehensive and accurate
• Design Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting system or familiarise him/herself with the equipment list, schedule and drawings.
• Work out the logistics of the load-in and load-out in conjunction with the Operations Manager and Project Manager.
• Relay all necessary information to members of the technical team & brief the Freelancers on the job.
• Oversee and assist with the preparation of Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting equipment for load-in, ensuring that the preparation areas are kept clean and safe.
• Check that the equipment being sent to the venue corresponds to the equipment list and that any extras have been authorised, report any additional equipment needed to Warehouse Manager.

• Make sure that he/she has a Daily Script EBMS Function Pack, production schedule or an understanding of call times and event dates.
• Control the productivity and efficiency of technicians under his/her authority, ensuring that technical schedules are adhered to.
• Manage the Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting technical team on-site ensuring that they execute their duties efficiently, conduct themselves appropriately on-site and adhere to dress codes and safety standards.
• Serve as liaison between Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting crewmembers, the client and the Project Manager.
• Monitor and assist with the Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting equipment installation according to drawings, plans and/or instruction.
• Install and operate Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting equipment for complex shows utilising thorough systems knowledge.
• Balance (mix) the Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting elements of a live event (demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of the mixing desk and associated outboard equipment) so as to optimise sound quality and add a creative element to the event.
• Test defective equipment to determine cause of malfunction or failure (trouble shoot) and replace or repair, as required.
• Perform diagnostics, preventative maintenance and repairs of Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting equipment within his/her capabilities.
• Report damaged equipment to the Warehouse & Operations Manager, log any on-site repairs or arrange for the appropriate repairs on returning the equipment to the storerooms.
• Solve any on-site problems within the scope of his/her capabilities.
• After the event, supervise and assist with the dismantling and packing of Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting equipment and loading of trucks (if applicable), ensuring that no equipment is left behind on-site.
• Take precautionary measures to protect third party equipment/property.
• Complete and hand in a Job Report for each job on which he/she is designated responsible person.

• Assist with entertainment requirements anywhere within the venue as necessary.
• Participate in general stock take duties.

• Assist management with any other duties as may be required.

• Minimum 3 years’ relevant experience facilitating client support in all venues to ensure guest satisfaction.

• Some project management experience
• Considerable Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting experience
• Some IT knowledge and experience
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Maintain a thorough understanding of Health and Safety Practices within the Live Event Industry.

Basic Knowledge:
• Extensive Audio Visual, Audio and Lighting knowledge within a corporate environment
• Mid-high level experience in operating of digital desks, Audio, AV and Lighting
• Basic-mid level experience in repairs and onsite maintenance
• Must have worked on corporate events
• MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) proficient and fully computer literate
• Basic IT knowledge

Personal Attributes:
• Time-management - setting up for events, managing delegates
• Punctual- for meetings, early set-ups
• Attention to detail - when obtaining event equipment spec and setting up for events
• Taking pride in his/her appearance when dealing with corporate clients
• Ability to manage, train and mentor staff.
• Confident
• Product-knowledge very important.
• Hospitality-minded

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