Process Lead - Johannesburg

Analyse and understand the CI requirements of the Customer Offering, execution areas,  and other internal customer areas such as Risk and Compliance. Convert customer requirements into functional requirements, process requirements and application requirements.

Priortise the CI needs across the functional areas together with the Process Group in line with capacity plans

Ensure that the CI ‘s initiatives are scoped and deployed in line with  process specification, associated business outcomes, output, costs and targets linked to the customer specification.

Provides support to the Process Directors in realising the Process Groups CI objectives and journey objectives

Ensure controls are in place, validated and tested for accurate financial reporting on CI initiatives

Monitor, track and report process CI performance (using dashboards)

Perform governance of processes by:

Advising, directing and informing PIC in terms of initiatives and projects that are to be initiated from an end-to-end process perspective

custodian of process blueprints in ARIS

Process improvement is a continuous activity and the Process Improvement Director (through the MPI structure, where appropriate) should:

Create an environment and the supporting mechanisms for continuous process improvement

Is the central point of process improvement suggestions and proposals and  consolidates suggestions that are received from functional areas

Will assess the suggested improvement to ascertain if it should be a new business process improvement (BPI) project

Develop and get consensus on a CI process roadmap,

Prioritise the process improvements and motivate all improvements with measurable business cases to the relevant forum Process - Councils etc)

Monitor and measure  the “process run”(execution) relative to the CIs undertaken to ensure that

The customer gets the required outcome from the CI initiatives


Lead CI  Process Groups - The Process Improvement Director will lead Process Improvement  Groups that will integrate the relevant process SMEs and  the line functions that would champion improvement projects and provide subject matter expertise. 

Promotes process-thinking and action through the MPI structures. This means creating an awareness of the importance of business processes and process-thinking within the organisation and building the process team through the development of appropriate knowledge, ability and attitudes of the process team members.

The Process Improvement Director, together with the Process Directors,  are the organisation’s CI process champion who continuously promote the proper use of business processes and create process enablement.

Strategic Planning & Alignment:  Contributes to and influence the definition of Business Performance Solutions strategic intent/direction and ensures alignment to the broader BPS strategy.

Financial:  Set and manage the operational budget forecast for this area within specified parameters.

Service & Risk Monitoring:  Manage and monitor day to day interfaces and service delivery with internal and external business partners.

Consolidate & Report on performance for this area nationally, against Service Level Agreements and Objectives. Manage resolution of escalated service issues. Ensure that the required controls are in place to monitor and reduce exposure to operational risk/losses.

SLAs : Involved in the negotiation and agreement of service level agreements and contracts with external supplier (where appropriate)

Capacity Planning (through Competency group): Translate long term capacity plans and co-ordinate the allocation of resources to satisfy demand for resources on projects.  Provide input on capacity and costs to the negotiation and agreement of service level agreements and contracts.  Interpret and Manage capacity forecasts implications for this area.

Customer: Identify the needs of both internal and external customers (CTQ’s). This includes the conversion of customer requirements into resource requirements.


Industrial or process engineering degree, CA, commerce degree, or equivalent

Process Management knowledge

Advanced Banking  knowledge

Previous Experience

Experience in Lean process design, BPM (business process management)

Process skills (i.e. Six Sigma methodology)

Project management

Program Management

Preparation of business case

Extensive experience in the implementation of large systems, on an organisation-wide scale, with multiple stakeholders

10-15 years management experience

Solid experience in working in a multi-discipline (matrix structure) team fostering collaboration and team work.

Banking Experience

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