Refigerator Technician - Durban

* To perform skilled maintenance, installation, repair and inspection work on complex refrigeration equipment.
* Provision of refrigeration installation, maintenance and repairs in the warehouses and vehicles
* Management and control of capital and operating costs and all immoveable and moveable assets within the scope of responsibility
* Diagnose problems and/or failures in refrigeration systems to identify equipment and/or systems repair and replacement needs.
* Test lines, components and connections using electrical, mechanical and pneumatic test equipment.
* Lay out and install reference points for determining equipment location.
* Prepare documentation (e.g. records of refrigerants, paperwork, logs, time and materials, specifications, etc.) for the purpose of providing written support in compliance with regulations and/or conveying information.
* Repair various items, systems and/or components to ensure that items are available and in safe working condition.
* Coordinate with Operations management, administration and other members of the maintenance team to complete projects/work orders efficiently.
* Inform the Maintenance Manager regarding procedures and/or status of work orders for the purpose of providing information for making decisions, taking appropriate action and/or complying with health and safety regulations.
* Respond to emergency situations during or after hours to resolve immediate safety concerns.
* Transport various items (e.g. tools, equipment, supplies, etc.) to ensure the availability of materials required at job site.
* Implementation of Safety Health Environment, Risk and Quality (SHEQ)
* Guide, train and coordinate the functions of the technical assistant.
* Take ownership and accountability for tasks and activities and demonstrate effective self-management in terms of planning and prioritising, and self-development.
* Manage colleagues and employees' expectations and communicate appropriately.
* make operational and technical decisions that fall within the ambit of responsibility
* troubleshoot, fault find and maintain refrigeration systems and equipment that falls within scope of practice
* work under limited supervision using standardised practices and/or methods.

* Mechanical maintenance and fault finding
* Machines and tools, including their design, uses and repair
* Standards for design and construction
* Refrigeration codes
* Hazards and safety precautions
* Valid Code EB drivers' licence
* 3 years' experience in the repair and maintenance of heavy and light refrigeration equipment
* Matric supplemented by an approved apprenticeship programme in refrigeration repair

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