Research Manager consumer market research - Sandton

The main purpose of this position is to assist with developing quality consumer and shopper insights through research and assisting with co-ordinating the market research functions in South Africa

The minimum requirements are:

  • A university degree with a minimum 3 years relevant experience across various qualitative and quantitative research projects.  

  • Experience in both FMCG and or Marketing research industries.  

  • Well developed communication, writing and interpersonal skills.  High level of computer literacy as well as knowledge of marketing information

  • Knowledge of Consumer Market Research – that covers insight development, advertising research, concept testing and brand equity research. 

  • Knowledge of the basic principles of FMCG marketing.

The person will;

  Work closely with Marketing within South Africa to:

o    coordinate research requirements for the brands;

o    assist with managing the research process and details;

o    handle consumer immersions;

o    manage local 3rd party research agencies to ensure reseach objectives are met

  • Ensure information is incorporated into the marketing plansSource research information and analyse to assist with brand planning and strategy.  

  • Measure effects of advertising, promotions and equity building activities, and rate against planned objectives.  

  • Manage and coordinate immersions and develop actionable insights from the programme.   

  • Assist in coordinating market research in South Africa.  

  • Ensure 3rd party South African research providers deliver quality data that is value for money and information that is actionable and well aligned with objectives  

  • Manage immersions and ensure they continue to add value to better understand the consumers and the opportunities thereof 

  • Assist brand teams in developing relevant insights from research information to feed into category and brand planning  

  • Ensure tracking and reporting on key brand health measures for key brands  

  • Keep abreast of developments in the field of marketing research and continuously update the team on relevant developments and trends and assist in the implementation where necessary  

  • Assist in ensuring great advertising through use of dependable and insightful information for briefs and pretesting  Assist in developing winning concepts by applying insights and testing accordingly

A structured approach is required to coordinate the local research function across the teams, yet with certain flexibility as timelines often need to be moved.  Recommendations to be made based on a mix of fact and intuition. Go beyond answering questions and ticking boxes, by providing insights and actionable information that will deliver a positive commercial result. All research and delivery of results to be conducted in accordance with the guidelines, and using as much global experience as possible.

On a day to day basis, this position is responsible for supporting the Market Research head, in particular on the South African business.  The position will from time to time (dependent on market requirements) interact with Sales and Customer Marketing to provide support to both to ensure the effective implementation of consumer / customer focused and relevant activity.

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