Retail Compliance Officer - East London

To conduct audits of Branded Retail Stores (Owned and Non-owned) and to ensure the use of sound risk related disciplines within the consumer environment whilst providing a seamless and customer centric experience within Branded Retail Channel.

To utilise operational risk and compliance frameworks, in order to mitigate risk and fraud in Branded Retail Channel.

To ensure best practice in risk compliance within the channel in alignment with organisational strategy.

Fast moving industry with constantly changing business requirements and technologies

Fluid complexities of customer expectations and demands

Highly competitive market with new and established competitors and aggressive competitor strategy and delivery

Highly dynamic and fluctuating Telecommunications industry

Total customer experience for brand

  • Constantly changing consumer and market needs

  • Fast paced environment

  • Market dynamics and developments

  • Company policies, processes and procedures

  • Regulatory industry norms govern and partners

  • Highly pressurised, deadline-driven environment

  • Highly legislated / regulated environment requires compliance

  • Participative environment – highly diverse and team-focused

Develop a call cycle to ensure monthly visits to all Branded Retail Owned and Non-Owned stores.

  • Develop quality assurance checklists and report back documentation and mechanisms required to perform quality assurance role.

  • Perform quality checks on Branded Retail Owned and Non-Owned stores to ensure that all policies, processes and procedures (PPP’s)
    with regard to Stock Control, Cash Management, Customer Services, Sales and Security is fully implemented and operational in stores.

  • Identify gaps on non adherence in implementation of applicable PPP’s in stores or across the Branded Retail Channel.

  • Advise / escalate to relevant stakeholders on required remedial action to ensure compliance with all PPP’s.

  • Perform role of change watchdog within the Branded Retail Store environment and ensure that no major PPP’s are implemented into stores
    without the agreed change management process being adhered to.

  • Report non adherence of PPP’s across all Branded stores and monitor that Store Managers / Store Supervisors are compliant
    escalating all areas of concern.

  • Analyse and report on monthly stock movements per store.

  • Report on all variances with regard to stock and cash management

  • To conduct ad hoc stock takes as part of the audit process and produce audit reports

  • Ensure that all PPP’s related to Risk management implemented are aligned to the set in Branded Retail Channel operational framework
    and that the workflow is not interrupted.

  • Ensure that Fraud detection systems are in place and is used effectively.

  • To understand, anticipate and report on changes in risk behaviour, identify root causes of risk, and escalate business risks

  • Ensure total compliance on day-to-day processes to proactively minimise the possibility and impact of common risk categories and

  • Minimise risk of loss through the fraudulent use of electronic processes and by ensuring sufficient controls are correctly used to
    identity risk and fraudulent transactions.

  • Report risk matters identified in the Branded Retail Store environment with relevant stakeholders to assist with proactive risk

  • Drive best practice, continuous improvement and innovation at process and procedure level and initiate projects for business

  • Identify system and process inefficiencies, make recommendations and implement change as required.

  • Ensure that all audits are conducted in an objective manner without exception, irrespective of relationships with the stakeholders

Relationship building and maintenance

  • Maintain good relationships with all stake holders, without compromising the audit function

  • Ensure that relationships and cooperation between stores, and stakeholders do not influence the objective nature of the audit

Report Generation

Prepare data for audit reports and scores for submission to Retail Compliance Supervisors

  • Report on Risk related fraudulent activity to the Retail Compliance Supervisors

  • Provide inputs for the preparation of channel related process documents

  • Understand the process and effectiveness of risk-related systems and fraud and report findings

Customer Satisfaction

Ensure Operational Audit and Compliance needs and requirements are satisfied through appropriate systems, processes and procedures 

  • Put contingency plans in place to prevent delays and enhance the customer experience

  • Adopt a proactive approach to prevent areas of risk from arising in the future

  • Initiate change to continually improve all aspects of service delivery

  • Drive continuous improvement as an important element of service delivery

    • Deliver measurable results  

  • Education:

    •   Matric plus 1  year diploma or certificate in any of the following: Risk Management,  Operational Auditing or Compliance


    • 1 to 2 years  of Industry experience  in a similar environment

    • A strong knowledge of operational  risk management and compliance 


    • Procedures and  processes

    •   Products and Services

    •   Systems training

    •   Project management

    • Risk  Management

    • Compliance 

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