Strata Control Mineral Resource Practitioner (Mining) - Limpopo - Leydsdorp

The ideal candidate will be using his/her knowledge and skills and apply it within provided Strata Control systems, process, policies, procedures and resources to meet the short-term demands in a defined area as required by the HOD.


Company: Mining Company
Location: Limpopo
Date Posted: 15 April 2019
Industry: Mining
Nationality: South African
Salary: Negotiable depending on experience
Qualifications: Relevant Degree or Diploma in Geology
Assignment: Permanent

Job Description

Identifying and locating geological features and making support recommendations.
Investigating fall of ground occurrences and adverse rock conditions in a safe manner and making support recommendations.
Providing Strata Control systems, process, policies, procedures and resources, to meet short-term demands in a defined area, as determined by the HOD. In awareness of mine health, safety and environmental standards and procedures.
Assessing operations and procedures carried out by production personnel underground ie. cutting of pillars, barring and making safe, introduction of new support unit etc
Complying with the SHEQ requirements
Utilising with the IMS (Information Management System) to initiate, investigate and report SHEQ status
Ensuring customer satisfaction
Identifying geological features by GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)
Locating unstable geological features
Determining size, type and location of support
Conducting rock related monthly risk assessments
Issuing rock mechanics support recommendations for eg. indicating the type and standard of temporary and permanent support
Support audit - conducting the support audit
Identifying non-conforming supports and make recommendations for corrective action
Investigating Fall of Ground occurrences and make recommendations for corrective action
Conducting rock quality designation analysis of borehole cores
Determining point load and calculating Uniaxial Compressive Strength
Conducting on the job training on geological hazards in the workplace

Minimum Requirements

Relevant Degree or Diploma in Geology
Practical Strata Control Certificate (COM)
2 years mining experience
Blasting certificate
Medical fitness as per organisational requirements
Must have a valid driver’s license

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