Writers - Bellville

We Need Writers… lots and lots of writers!
(Yes... That means you)

Do you want to help create the online real estate that will dominate the education industry for the next decade? Can you relentlessly write about a topic until Google thinks you are the top expert on that topic in South Africa?

Do you think that first paragraph was way too complicated? And you can rewrite all of this to make it simple and clear?

We do world-class online marketing. And we are taking our marketing to the next level by vastly increasing our online content.

We need your help to research, write and disseminate content to help build our different college websites, as well as our other online education-related properties. This range from writing brochures to writing opinion pieces about the state of education.

Are you that person who even reads the back of the toilet spray bottle because you have to be reading all the time? Do you read more than anyone else you know? Are you a nerd?

We want YOU!

Do you want to learn next-level online marketing from the only online marketer in South Africa who actually knows what he is doing? And help us grow to the next level?

Come learn how to do world-class online marketing by doing what you love… writing. Lots and lots of writing.

We have positions for:

Senior Content Writer

Junior Content Writer

Marketing Intern (Writer)

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