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Business Description Runanga Recruitment Group (RRG) is a 100% black empowered woman owned Recruitment Lead facilitation Consultancy Management Company offering a comprehensive range of professional, effective solutions. RRG provides a holistic approach to productivity and competiveness improvement With our extensive client base that can match any company’s needs on a short or long term basis. Moving away from the business as usual, our company selected recruits by empowering them with the necessary prior soft skills which include inter and intra personal communications any company. Runanga originated from the word Māori which means council we aim to work towards a common goal of every client We offer the following services: Runanga Recruitment Group services are not sector specific but we do engage in projects within the Manufacturing, Engineering, Automotive, Consulting, Financial, Digital and FMCG institutions  Recruitment –Sourcing  Permanent Staff  Temporary Staff  Placements – Arrange Work place experience Graduate – Go through our skills development programme Internship & Learnerships - Go through our skills development programme Recruitment: Through advertising and referrals, access to universities & colleges & TVET, municipality database Evaluation:Using and interviews, video conferences, community of expert Reference checks: Verification of qualifications, a prior experience, background check Selection: Provide a short list of the best candidates •Skills Development - Lead Training Provider Working with other like –minded organizations – Runanga associates we create training that suit companies needs best. Skills development is a vital part of any companies growth, making sure staff are constantly advancing additionally, practical short duration training courses are the fastest way of gaining skills. Untrained Employees= Unhappy Employees .Employees who feel inadequate ,underachieving or unsupported are unhappy .This can costs the business lost time and money. Runanga Recruitment Group services are not sector specific because we strongly believe that competiveness and productivity are necessary in all organizations and people

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