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20 April 2018

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Study in the UK

UK allows foreign non-EU foreign students to study in the country. But before they are allowed to enter the country, they should present a student Visa which is also called a Tier-4 Visa. This form of Visa comes with specific terms on what a student could do while staying in the UK or how long they can stay in the country.

Point System

The country follows a point-system scheme to determine if the person will be allowed to enter the country with a student Visa. In Tier-4, students simply have to reach 40 points. 30 points of the total comes from certification of acceptance from an accredited university. 10 points is added to the score if the student shows enough financial support while staying in the country. The acceptance letter or certification along with proof of financial source should be presented to the local UK embassy for issuance of student Visa.

Length of Stay and Option for Work

Holders of Tier 4 Visa will be allowed to stay in the UK depending on the course length with some allowance. For those who will be studying in the country from six months to one year, they will be allowed to stay one to two months more after the course has ended. Shorter courses only allow an extension of one week. Students who will be studying in the UK for more than one year can stay in the country for four months more after the term has ended.

While staying the country, students can support themselves financially through employment. They are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week or up to 40 hours a week during holiday season.

Option for Tier 1 Employment

After staying in the country as a student, Tier 4 Visa holders can apply for Tier 1 Visa. They can be granted with Tier 1 Visa but not necessarily as Highly Skilled Migrant Worker (HSMP) but for post study employment. They should have earned a degree recognized by the UK government from an accredited school. This Visa allows the holder to stay up to two more years and could apply for another form of Visa when this type of Tier 1 Visa expires.