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Andr N.

Guesthouse Manager

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I've lived independently since I finished my degree and build myself up in the hospitality industry for many years. I'm always willing to help where I can and I have excellent communication skills. I believe that I've covered pretty much all surfaces in the industry from admin to food and even staff management. I pride myself in doing something to the best of my ability and to overdo rather than under do. In the years that I've worked in the industry, I've molded my people skills as well as my problem solving skills and with every experience I've grown to more disciplined and punctual. I always believe that there is room for growth and that perfection is definitely possible if you're willing to put in extra time and effort. Sharing my skills is something that I see as a strong point when it comes to teamwork and big projects. I've always enjoyed working with people throughout my years of experience and I've taught myself to embody different approaches for different situations. I'm very proud to consider myself as a very sincere person with extreme respect for my peers and working environment considering that it's not always easy.

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