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Carlo F.

GIS Analyst

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I am a qualified Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist and Geologist, and have been active in the consulting industry for more than 14 years. I hold a BSc in Agriculture (Entomology & Plant Pathology), MSc in GIS and BSc Hons (Geology) from the University of Stellenbosch. I have been predominantly involved in the application of satellite remote sensing and GIS to a variety of industries, ranging from deforestation and land cover studies, to Greenfield exploration projects and High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments. I also have experience working in multi-disciplinary teams on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), Visual Impact Assessments (VIAs), Closure Cost Assessments, Ecological Assessments and project-specific specialist studies. I have working experience across Africa and the Far East. I am registered as a Professional Natural Scientist with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP, Reg.No. 400188/16), and is a member of the Geological Society of South Africa (GSSA).

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