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George C.

Operational Management

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Successfully upholding & consistently exceeding exceptional high standards of service excellence and the ongoing strive for better procedures and processes to improve outcomes. I have a strong ability to manage stressful and challenging situations via personnel application of limitless and efficient efforts within the best interest of the company or outcome. I have been involved within the Logistic environment ranging from design, development, production and operation for the past 17 years. This experience involves several military systems, namely all 155mm gun systems, Unmanned Arial Vehicles [UAV], and Air Defence Systems. Being involved with the logistics of military systems is real “sperm to worm” logistics leaving no stone unturned. Developing and supporting a military product during conflict does not leave any gap for “not foreseen”. This journey so far was the real experience of the so-called “school of hard knocks”. My believe is that any non-military organisation can hugely benefit from the processes and principles applied by the military, and I will be able to proof that by given the right opportunity.

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