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Gosiame L.

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Overview of Expertise: 1. How many years experience do you have in Project Management of Engineering Projects? - About 7 years 2. How many years experience do you have in Project Methodologies? - 6 years 3. How many years experience do you have in Project Risk Management? - 6 years 4. How many years experience do you have in Customer Liaison? - 4 years 5. Time to BRAG. Please tell me about your top 3 Project Management of Engineering Projects achievements. The ones you are most proud of (use facts, figures, Rands and cents where possible). - 1 * At Tswelokgotso Trading Enterprise I attand several tenders for the company and managed them till completion but what sticks out is the PRASA( MetroRail) Generator Installations throughout North and South Gauteng for 39 100kVa to 200kVa size generators for all the substations. With a 2 year maintenance contract. The tenders amounted to a total of R(***)-***-****.00. Over a period of two years. 2 * At Lionsrock Sanctuary I project managed several projects but the three that stand out is: - Construction of three Predator (Lions) Houses with steel cages, 1 house on an average of R826 000.00 over the duration of 4 months Overall Total R2 470 000.00 - Construction of a Single Carrier Bridge to New Lands at a cost of R978 000.00 for a 6 months period. - Installations of Solar Powered upgrade to the New Meat Processor Building R655 000.00 for a 4 months period 6. Please outline your exposure to Project Management of Engineering Projects. -All the different projects I was managing had some what a exposure to project t management of engineering, e.g. the steel works for the lion house was more engineering more then anything. 7. Rate yourself out of 10 on the following skills (10 is highest): (It is ok if you give a low rating, as we may consider upskilling candidates): * Develop Work Breakdown Structure - 7 * Develop Project Plan - 7 * Manage Project Activities - 8 * Site Visits and Project Meetings - 8 * Liaise with Client - 8 8. Optional: Why would we be an idiot not to shortlist you? (convince us) - Except for my track record being evidence of my skills. My objective has always been to be an integral part of a dynamic organisation whereby my enthusiasm and hard work will lead to success. And to offer effective managerial support so as to achieve the maximum organizational goals. As soon as I receive your answers, I'll be able to decide if we can shortlist you.

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