Kwena N.

BI Developer

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Certified BI (Front end and Backend) Developer, looking to assist you realize the value of your data. I would like to enable you to leverage from your data and make more data driven decisions. I am your data guy. My fees are negotiable.  Development of Power BI interactive dashboards  Development of Power BI data Models cubes  Deploying Power BI solutions to the service  Configuring Row Level security of the reported data on Power BI Solutions.  Deployment and maintenance of Power BI Solutions  Managing security access to workspaces  DAX Query development  We would stage the raw data into staging tables using SSIS/data factory.  We then load sanitized delta data by transforming formats and cleansing, identify facts and dimensions, creation of keys, and apply the deduplication. We use Procedures to load data  Then load it into a second layer database then we apply business rules/logic and load in a reporting layer database usually called Mart.  SQL query development  SQL query Optimization  Query review  Agent Jobs Development  Indexing Tables  Requirements gathering  Development Project Management  Views development  Application of Star Schema technique or snowflake when designing the database, keeping facts at the center and dimension as branches or extended branches  Mapping of data models  Translate Business requirements to Data Models  Evaluation and Optimization of Data Models.  Peer Reviewing and Quality Testing of Dimensional Data Model  Coaching and advisory on the design of dimensional data models to junior team members  Relationship Modeling  Development of OLAP Cubes in SSAS  Development of Power BI Data Cubes  MDX Query Language  Scrum master for the development team  Owner/ accountable to deliver solutions  Managing and building CI/CD pipelines  Working with SDLC Models  Leading daily Stand-up meetings  Championing Ways of working and enforcing Agile cadence

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