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Mano S.

Administration Manager

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I do admin role since 2011; frequently, interacted with patients, staffs and authorities to identify the gap in rendering the service, procedural delay given solutions for smooth running. Currently, I work as a senior manager with four underlings, my duties are like to plan, organize and schedule and to coordinate the day-to-day activities of the hospital. I provided solutions for both major and minor difficulties not only to the institution but also for internal and external stakeholders Personally, waiting to prove my strength like, clear communication with stakeholders, will analyse and take decisions responsibly, very organized at the workplace, will prepare a very good database that supports management in decision making, .forecasting the future trend, helping the top management and teammates, effective and efficient at times of multiple work load, will be a back bone to the organization vision and mission, will stay calm and focussed even if things are not going as per plan, come out with initiatives to match expectations and situations and overall dynamic and a stable person. I am longing to prove that I can prepare the best department policies and procedures, process flow mapping and standard operating procedures My view point on admin role is, more than technical skills this vary greatly between countries, organizations; this can be adopted with sufficient training. The soft skills are of paramount importance, I have put in my entire effort to sharpen and broaden my capacity towards developing Professional, personnel (Social skills), interpersonal, organizational and administrative skills required to conduct the organization in a more organized way by reducing impedance due to obstacles. I have experience in coordinating overseas patients who come for surgery and teaching faculties from America Working in both 50 and 500-bedded hospitals has elevated my flexibility to handle any departments and situations, critical thinking, and multitasking.

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