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Dear, Sir/Madam My name is Rozmeen Sunge, I am a 30-year-old, married female from Cape Town. I have completed Honours in Psychology at Unisa and undergraduate degree majoring in Sociology, Psychology and English at UWC. Psychology and Education have always been my focus. I enjoy both fields immensely. I am also a Registered Psychological Counsellor- trained in youth and young adult counselling. I greatly enjoy having the opportunity to make a real difference to some one’s life by helping them to focus on their accomplishments and reflect on past successes rather than setbacks. I have over five years’ experience of informal counselling and treating clients for a range of complex psychosocial issues in community, clinical and private settings. With my counselling, I worked as a Student Counsellor and this included conducting workshops with students based on Psychoeducational topics such as stress management, sexual health, drug abuse and bullying. I truly enjoy counselling and believe that my open-mindedness and helpful nature will positively impact the life of the students. Students are exposed to various stressors throughout this developmental phase and I strongly believe that counselling is an essential guidance and supportive tool which allows these young adults to be better equipped for their circumstances. I believe that this will improve their academic results as well as their demeanour within the class setting. I use a combination of counselling and therapy techniques and adapt it according to the individual. My interest and passion in this field is immense. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life. I interact well with others and enjoy diversity. I enjoy travelling, and this allows me to be exposed to a variety or cultures, religion, and heritage. I have also previously worked with volunteers at various NGOs- such as Swedish volunteers, American, Indian, and German. This has allowed me to understand voluntary international programs better and given me the insight required for the position. I have worked with many NGOs and liaised with various clientele in the field, including the police. I had previously tutored children privately (from home). I tutored in various subjects including mathematics, English and science. A few of my students are challenged with slight learning difficulties in the form of Attention Deficit Disorder etc. I also assist students with support by means of emotional, psycho-social and cognitive therapy. I also assist students with life skills and youth development. I recently completed my own proposal on counselling and support in schools, offering this service to various schools. I also worked as an ABET Lecturer and assessor. This involves the education and growth development of individuals who were not given the opportunity before. I have done Mathematics and English Literacy with the participants. I also complete daily reports on the activity and personal progress. I recently worked as a School Marketer. This involves offering guidance and support to students. It also involves project coordinating and development. I enjoy the Education Sector and flourish in situations that encourages the growth of others. I also solely am responsible for the Coordination of all programs. This includes Open Days, Psycho Educational Programs, and School Assist Programs. I plan, create, coordinate, and facilitate all the above single-handedly. This also involved conducting workshops on psychoeducation with young adults, as well as career counselling which assisted them with subject choices and career selection. Currently, I am working as a Lecturer at Educor Holdings. I teach various subjects and complete various tasks. I feel it’s important to impart information onto the youth and to constantly be growing and developing the lives of others, as well as ourselves. I lecture full time as well as part-time. Part time students are all far older than I am, but the class environment is the same as full time. I am also a Research Supervisor, as well as Work Integrated Learning Coordinator. I have experience as a Skills Development worker and enjoy working in training and development. I am a fast learner, eloquent speaker, and I strongly abide by rules. I'm at my best when working with people, I handle conflict management fairly and justly. I had previously worked at a centre for abused women and children, this has equipped me with various traits such as the ability to think fast, handle difficult and stressful situations and I am open minded and equally non-judgmental. I would like to work in an environment that would encourage growth as an individual as well as an employee, especially assisting in the mental and emotional growth and wellbeing of another individual. My interests are vast and therefore any job person-related would fulfil me. I stand for the rights of others and encourage fair, and just treatment of the weak and less fortunate. This shows that through challenges, I still manage to do what needs to be done. I am a hard worker and highly determined and I do not allow my challenges to hold me back.

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