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Sean D.

Electronic Hardware Designer

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I have been able to get a lot of experience in various fields in the electronic world. I am well versed in electronic design, software design, system design, electronic fault finding and problem solving. I have a tendency to think laterally and to think outside the box. I have found this to be a very important attribute in the competitive electronic world. I am a very dedicated hard worker and always willing to go the extra mile to complete a project. I have proven to myself as well as to colleagues that my learning curve is very steep. I can easily adapt to new technologies and new devices or development environments. I am the person that solves problems. I will take any concept and turn it into a functional product using the latest technologies available. . I have written various applications in Borland C++, Visual Studio C++ and Visual Studio C#. I have written many embedded software projects using C(embedded C) as well as assembler. Most of my work related duties has been to write embedded code for various devices. I worked with GSM devices, GPS devices, POS (Point Of Sale – Credit Card Machine) terminals and JAVA based Smart Cards. On some of the POS devices I did DUKPT encryption for a banking application that connected to a Postilion Bank switch. I have experience in designing PCB’s and do the PCB layouts. I have experience in designing of GSM based products to comply with the FCC certifications (EMC Radiation)

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