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Shaine L.

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To the Human Resource/Hiring manager Bold individual with a positive attitude and a strong technical background. I have been given the opportunity to accomplish my tertiary education goals and complete a national diploma in Information Technology. My career paths have led me to be customer obsessed and enlarge my territory in all forms of business. This diversity has open up my traits and my ability to be explored for the business experience I yearned for. I enjoy learning business models and systems from scratch, this has an effect of humbleness for learning anything that may seem difficult. My hobbies and spare time is spent on having a well balanced life(exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, self-development). I do enjoy the little things in life because it brings me gratitude. This is my cover letter and in short I believe nothing is impossible. Hope this can give you an understanding of my personal character and my career goals. I hope to bring a new presence to your workplace and make an impact for the future.

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