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Hello. I am Cape Town born and bred but my days in big agencies happened in Joburg with big-spending budgets, heading up retail and brand divisions for some amazing clients. This also enabled me to connect and work with a global audience. As with most agencies, it fell upon all of us to keep up with trends, both current and forecasted. That’s when I started keeping my eye on Facebook. Years later and a move back to Cape Town I decided to learn more and began freelancing specifically on social media accounts, to learn and integrate with current marketing efforts for small to medium retail businesses, who now with a fraction of spend, could reach markets normally kept for clients of the super advertising agencies That was five years ago. Today I have hundreds of Facebook campaigns under my belt and as is my nature, I am sharing the learnings. Anyway, to cut a long story short, been there, done that, printed the t-shirt and made the TV ad. My strength is to pull together an integrated campaign from all touchpoints! Big agency thinking applied to SME's... I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this but in today's shaky economic climate, it's the way to go. I do it all myself: Designs, copy, content creation, target market analysis, media spending, analytics and then back to the beginning of the circle. It's the best integration I can think of : ) Pick one or two services, or take them all. I'm not going anywhere. Not even up my beloved Table Mountain. Facebook/

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