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Mumsy M.

Project Manager

Hourly Rate: R 890 ph

22 years experience


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In today’s highly competitive and fast paced technology industry, organizations need strong aggressive Leaders and Managers to meet ever-changing business development goals. I am certain I can contribute this level of performance to your team My diverse skills in project development, project management, laboratory management, quality management, quality auditing, policy development, analytical analysis, water resources and quality management, due diligence analysis, business development, risk analysis and management obtained from various sectors including energy, water and government are invaluable to the success of any parastatal, public, private as evidenced by the areas and projects I have managed over the years. I have no doubt I can add value to your team/ organization. With an overall working experience of 22 years, I believe my current and previous experience makes me ideal suited for this role. Starting with my current role and experience. I am currently self-employed, a Director and Co-founder of Nhlohlori Xihlovo JM holding (PTY) LTD. Nhlohlori Xihlovo JM holding is a new energy company with ambitions to trade in natural gas and coal. My role as a director is to seek business opportunities by screening potential business deals, by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential, financials, evaluating options, resolving internal priorities and recommending equity investments. As a Scientist this role has allowed me a tremendous growth on the business side together with knowledge acquired from an MBA, I’ve been able to put sound business plans, perform due diligence analysis for decision making in potential investments, funding proposals and investments risk analysis. This kind of experience have allowed me to be a unique, fully rounded Manager and a Leader with knowledge and understanding in other areas of the business like human resources, marketing, finance, operations, strategy and procurement. Also my previous experience as a Senior Advisor Project Development at Eskom for 9 years (2008 – 2017) leading the development of new Infrastructural Projects such as Natural Gas, Nuclear, Renewables and other existing infrastructural project such as desalination plant, coal stockpile, coal terminal, and sewage water recovery upgrade would be a great asset to your organization. My role in this position involved conducting project feasibility studies as part of the front end planning for projects, utilizing a team of experts from various fields like engineering, transmission, distribution, environment, water resource management ,treasury, finance, procurement, business intelligence and other external stakeholders. Performing feasibility studies equipped me with skills and knowledge of developing business cases, project concept & definition, business plan development and execution. As part of project development I also gained knowledge of structuring of business deals, identification, quantification and management of risk, developing of funding strategies, partnership agreements and negotiation skills. I also picked up excellent communication skills, developed and strengthened my budgeting skills, cost control and project reporting skills, where I reported to various committees up to board level. I have good team leadership skills, client relationships and successfully managed multiple stakeholders. I’ve also learned to be a good team player, with the ability to work under pressure. All of this exposure and experience I believe contribute in making me a well-rounded Project Manager capable of managing any project successfully. Prior to that I have worked at the department of Science and Technology Technology (DST) as a Manager in Hydrogen and Energy (2006 to 2008) responsible for approving and managing investment projects that allow commercialization of research projects mainly developed by CSIR. My role involved reviewing of project business plans, identification of policy gap and development of policy and recommendation to address the gaps to support commercialization of projects or initiatives. My achievements to date include establishment of SANHARP which is a unique programme established to address skills shortage and knowledge of nuclear to school teachers and learners. Also part of my achievements in DST I identified and recommended the establishment of Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) which is an agency that was established to manage all commercialization projects under one umbrella due to fragmentation challenges that I identified as a hindrance to the progress of commercialization projects. . Also worked for 2 years for a Seed Company called Pioneer Hi-Bred as a laboratory Manager (2004 to 2006). My main responsibility was the implementation and accreditation of the quality management system (ISO 9001:2000). I was able to accredit the system after only 9 months. My responsibilities over and above included the daily management of the laboratory, management of the laboratory information management system (LIMS) and overseeing of laboratory seed research, targeted at improving methodology & quality of analysis. My attention to details and excellent problem-solving skills ensured that every task I work on is done accurately and to the highest possible standard. Furthermore I have 8 years (1998 to 2004) working experience in the water industry where I worked at Rand Water holding different positions from Scientist to being a Process Scientist. I was responsible for conducting various specialise analytical analysis using highly technical instruments such as (Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography). Also as a Process Scientist, I performed various scientific experiment with the aim of improving water treatment processes i.e. sand filtration, backwash and water treatment coagulation processes. Moreover I gained valuable knowledge and experience in water treatment plant process optimization, quality management; waste management, catchment management; integrated regulatory processes (including Water Use Licence Applications, their audits, review and writing draft licences), review of EIA for inclusion in water use licence applications, water resources management, water research projects guidelines development. Proven by my diverse experience I believe I am a versatile and adaptable unique individual capable of bringing unique contributions to your team and organisation. Also over the years I have acquired skills and knowledge required to manage challenges and take advantage of opportunities presented by 4th Industrial revolution and highly competitive markets.

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