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My name is Rijul Pattundeen and I am currently studying towards a BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. I am applying for a full-time position to begin employment at the start of 2020. I recently found that my skillset is more valuable in an environment requiring refined management abilities, well-rounded insight and diverse perspective. Joining an award-winning team would give me the opportunity to become an award-winning consultant. From the time I could walk, I've always had a 'knack' for understanding how things work. I used to complete puzzles upside down as a kid by figuring how the pieces fit together - without even looking at the picture! As I grew older, others started noticing my talents. I read faster than others, I finished my classwork before everyone else, and I had a prodigious command of the English language. Coming towards the end of my degree, I have been moulded immensely by the challenge of mechanical engineering. But I believe I chose the wrong degree. I even feel this didn't bring out my true academic potential. I feel like my real talent is analysing systems, but I was painting on the wrong canvas of mechanical systems rather than my real calling toward business systems. Over the past two years, I have been making tremendous efforts to transition into this newfound career stream. From working as a part-time consultant to starting my own business venture to closing McKinsey as a client for my part-time employers, I finally know what I want to become. Becoming a Corporate Relations member of The Consulting Academy Cape Town ("TCA") first ignited my passion for this industry and has enabled me to develop the right skills to contribute to your business. I have been actively involved in communicating with existing clients, while pitching TCA's service offering to potential clients in the hope of securing new projects for the team. Through this process, I have learnt to engage with a variety individuals, from students to CEOs. In terms of my problem-solving capabilities, I believe that both my degree and the receipt of rigorous consulting training through TCA has provided me with the skills to break down complex problems and provide innovative solutions that address both technical and commercial aspects. I have also been on the other side of the table and conducted training sessions and interviews to TCA recruits, which has further widened my scope of thinking and made me comfortable with conflict and my ideas being challenged. I have always been curious about what it is like to be in the client's shoes and translate theory into practice. I even started my own business. While studying, I worked with events companies who hosted regular nightclub events but I realised that I was limited by them and could do more in a different environment. After understanding the nuances of the trade, I began my own venture. While there was an inherent risk of failure, I stuck to my plan and led a motivated team through some tough times – the events were extremely successful and the return on investment was threefold. Under immense duress, I liaised with many third parties, made quick and spontaneous decisions under pressure yet still managed to balance the heavy demands of third year engineering. Finally, I am highly teachable and enjoy learning new systems, concepts and techniques. For example, since high school, I have taught myself how to produce electronic music, starting from basic software and upgrading over the years to more complicated systems that require an application of music theory. Today, I sell my music online. It is clear that you are willing to nurture and guide your people towards success and reaching their potential – this is what has motivated me to apply for this programme. I am thoroughly excited to begin my journey with you and extend my thanks to the recruiting team for taking the time to review my application. I hope to hear from the team soon. Sincerely, Rijul Pattundeen

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