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Siyavuya is positive and optimistic and gains the co-operation of others with his ability to motivate them through creating lots of ideas. He likes to work in an exciting and stimulating environment, and if it is not, he will work at creating that environment. He has a natural leadership style, with an open and genial style, and will often end up taking control of a situation. He will avoid dealing with data and information unless there is a potential danger that threatens his values. He is a passionate original thinker, with charisma and drive, and he enjoys success and all that it brings. His preferred style is to get straight into the action rather than pre-planning and preparing for the project. His goal is to pull all the different parts of a puzzle into a whole result, but he keeps finding new bits which keep the puzzle ever growing. He likes to be the driver and get things happening around him. Siyavuya likes to work in an environment where he can get quick, visible results. He may take risks by disregarding information that could warn of danger. He prefers the excitement of the new rather than the predictability of the known. Siyavuya's vivid imagination allows him to keep his enthusiasm and energy high and he is capable of keeping a large number of projects on the go at the same time. Siyavuya likes to work in an environment that offers variety as he is quick witted and capable of handling several things at once. His inventive mind comes up with a flow of new ideas. He enjoys seeing future possibilities in known situations, using his gifts of intuition and creativity. He likes to handle lots of different projects, people and situations, all at once. The life and soul of the party with a zest for life, he needs constant stimulation by change and challenge.

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