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  • Callguard Security Services (Pty) Ltd

    Callguard Security Services (Pty) Ltd Modderfontein, South Africa

    Callguard Security Services is an owner run and managed business whose primary focus is on service, quality and security officers being rewarded above the industry norm, which attracts the blue chip clientele they are ...

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  • Lanxess

    Lanxess Modderfontein, South Africa

    Lanxess’ roots in South Africa date back to 1922 when the local Bayer operation first began. To date, the group Lanxess is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of chrome ore for the chemical industry and a leading ...

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  • SA Airlink

    SA Airlink Modderfontein, South Africa

    Airlink's roots were established in three little aircrafts, Magnum Airlines, Border Air and City Air, which converged to shape Link Airways in the '80s. Accordingly, Link Airways was sold in 1992. After Rodger Foster ...

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