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  • British American Tobacco South Africa

    British American Tobacco South Africa Stellenbosch, South Africa

    British American Tobacco South Africa (BATSA) is part of the British American Tobacco Group which operates in over 180 countries around the world. The company was birthed in South Africa in 1904 and became an industry ...

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  • Capitec Bank

    Capitec Bank Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Capitec bank is a commercial bank, controlled locally and is licenced by the Reserve bank of South Africa. The bank works similar to a retail bank, which serves individuals and businesses but excludes close ...

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  • Stellenbosch University

    Stellenbosch University Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Stellenbosch University (SU) is situated in the town of Stellenbosch, South Africa. As a public research university, it designed and manufactured South Africa’s first microsatellite (SUNSAT) which launched in ...

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  • Distell Group Ltd

    Distell Group Ltd Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Distell was created when Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery (SFW) and Distillers Corporation merged in 2002. Originated in South Africa, Distell is one of the leading producers and marketers of spirits, fine wines, ciders ...

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  • Mxit

    Mxit Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Mxit is an instant messaging application, running on multiple mobile and computing platforms. Mxit was established in 1997 in a University area named Stellenbosch. Through passion and determination, Mxit was initially ...

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  • De Zalze Winelands Golf Estate

    De Zalze Winelands Golf Estate Stellenbosch, South Africa

    De Zalze Winelands Golf Estate, located in Stellenbosch, houses an 18 hole championship golf course, the Kleine Zalze award-winning winery, three restaurants, the Kleine Zalze Lodges and the Winelands Golf ...

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  • Asara Wine Estate and Hotel

    Asara Wine Estate and Hotel Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Asara, a 25 minute drive east from Cape Town’s international airport in the tall grass of Cape Plaina, was named to present the harmony between the spirits Astar, Asis and Asase (the Earth , the Sun and the Sky gods). ...

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  • Claytile

    Claytile Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Claytile is a member of the Heavy Clay Products Group. The Heavy Clay Products Group, the largest independent producer of clay bricks in the Western Cape, presently has a production capacity of 7 million bricks per ...

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  • Mediclinic

    Mediclinic Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Mediclinic Southern Africa is a private hospital group. They operate in South Africa and Namibia. The group focuses on providing acute care, specialist-orientated, multi-disciplinary hospital services and related ...

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  • Paladin Capital Ltd

    Paladin Capital Ltd Stellenbosch, South Africa

    The company shepherds detailed analysis on political and social systems, market infrastructure, labour markets and capital markets support to ensure a narrowed down end result in potential areas to invest in. The ...

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  • Steers

    Steers Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Steers, being South Africa’s leading burger brand and has served South Africans its 100% pure beef, flame-grilled burgers and freshly cut chips for close to 50 years. Steers has won the Leisure Options Award for the ...

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  • RKID

    RKID Stellenbosch, South Africa

    RKID is an award winning design company, situated in Stellenbosch. They operate with international clients in Australia, Hong Kong, China, USA, UK and Mid-Eastern countries. Electronics, medical products, industrial ...

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  • VO Connect

    VO Connect Stellenbosch, South Africa

    VO, in full, Virtual Office, was founded in 1995 leading to 10 years of delivering quality services to their clients. They are a completely reliable cloud and connectivity service provider that produce solutions to ...

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  • Stillwater Sports

    Stillwater Sports Stellenbosch, South Africa

    Stillwater Sports finds it’s home in Stellenbosch, from which their exceptional team of professional events managers bring forth exceeding standards of management and organisation concerning lifestyle sporting events. ...

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  • Cape Winelands District & Municipality

    Cape Winelands District & Municipality Stellenbosch, South Africa

    The Cape Winelands District Municipality is located within the Western Cape Province and furthermore, is one of 44 locale regions in South Africa. The Western Cape Province is situated in the south-western tip of the ...

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