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  • Craison Hygiene

    Craison Hygiene Pretoria, South Africa

    Craison Hygiene and Cleaning is a National Service and Trading Group in South Africa. They were established in 1998 together with its sister company Craison Cleaning. Craison Hygiene offers a variety of integrated ...

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  • Bureau veritas

    Bureau veritas Johannesburg, South Africa

    Bureau Veritas, established in 1828, is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification across all fields of industry. This company is recognised globally and locally. It is accredited by major organisations. ...

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  • Enviroserv

    Enviroserv Germiston, South Africa

    Established in 1979, EnviroServ is Wade Refuse that started as the only door to door waste collection company in South Africa. The company was started by a small group of entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to provide ...

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  • Digby Wells

    Digby Wells Randburg, South Africa

    “The company’s activities are driven by the mission of being the premier environmental and social services provider to the mining industry in Africa.” Formed in 1995, Digby Wells Environmental (Digby Wells) is a South ...

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  • NuPower Solar

    NuPower Solar Alberton, South Africa

    NuPower Solar is the leading provider in solar water heating solutions. We have a comprehensive range of environmentally-safe products that will save you money and make a positive difference in your life, and the ...

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  • Cape Nature

    Cape Nature Cape Town, South Africa

    The Western Cape’s biodiversity conservation is sought for by Cape Nature. They achieve this through various programs including Local Economic Development and Community-based Natural Resource Management, Environmental ...

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