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  • Ferrum Crescent Limited

    Ferrum Crescent Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Their main listing is on the Australian Securities Exchange with a secondary listing on the JSE Stock Exchange. They seek to capitalize on future demand for iron and steel worldwide by producing iron products in the ...

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  • Thabex Limited

    Thabex Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Thabex Limited is a Junior mining and exploration Company listed on the JSE in the "Basic Resourcing ;Mining-Diamonds and Gemstones" sector of the list under the abbreviated name "Thabex" and its subsidiaries explore ...

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  • Trans Hex Group Limited

    Trans Hex Group Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Trans Hex is a world-class player in the exploration, mining and marketing of diamonds of the highest quality. The company’s head office is situated in Cape Town, South Africa. The company has established mining ...

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  • Sedibelo Platinum Mines Limited

    Sedibelo Platinum Mines Limited Pretoria, South Africa

    Platinum Ltd changed its name to Sedibelo Platinum Mines Limited in December 2013. Sedibelo Platinum Mines Limited is a developing producer of platinum group metals (PGMs), incorporated in Guernsey as a mineral ...

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  • De Beers SA

    De Beers SA Kimberley, South Africa

    De Beers SA is the pioneer of the South African diamond industry and this is also where the De Beers story began. The company proudly implements the broad based black economic empowerment act throught their partner, ...

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  • Wescoal Holdings Limited

    Wescoal Holdings Limited Krugersdorp, South Africa

    Wescoal is involved in the mining, processing and distribution of coal. This takes place through two primary divisions, namely Mining and Trading. The main business of the Group today is the mining, processing, ...

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  • Zci Limited

    Zci Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Nature of business ZCI Limited (“ZCI”) is incorporated in Bermuda with its ordinary shares being listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) and on Euronext. ZCI ...

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  • Chrometco Limited

    Chrometco Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Chrometco Limited (Chrometco or the company) is primarily involved in the exploration of mineral resources projects and the possible benefaction thereof. The company has the right of use of new order mining rights for ...

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  • Kelgran Limited

    Kelgran Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Kelgran Limited is a South Africa-based company, which holds a 49% interest in Kelgran Investments (Pty) Limited whose subsidiaries mine granite on Company-owned and leased land. The major portion of production is sold ...

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  • Namakwa Diamonds Limited

    Namakwa Diamonds Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Namakwa Diamonds is a diamond resource company, looking to extract the maximum value from the marketing and sale of Group mined and contracted productions.They focus their mining activities on Kao Mine is Lesoth, which ...

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  • Wesizwe Platinum Ltd

    Wesizwe Platinum Ltd Johannesburg, South Africa

    Wesizwe Platinum Limited (Wesizwe, “The Company” or “Group” depending on context) is a public company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa and its shares are listed on the JSE. The Group’s main strategic ...

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  • Mwana Africa

    Mwana Africa Johannesburg, South Africa

    Mwana Africa is a PAN African resource company with operations in Zimbabwe and South Africa, focusing on the production, development and exploration of gold, nickel, copper and diamonds. The company extends its ...

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  • Platfields Limited

    Platfields Limited Cape Town, South Africa

    Emerged as a precious metals exploration company with a vision to develop and bring its projects to operation in the future. The core business of the group is to identify and evaluate exploration projects with the aim ...

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  • Mine Restoration Investments Limited

    Mine Restoration Investments Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    An environmental solution investment company listed on the ALTX sector of the JSE Stock Exchange. The company operates a coal briquette plant processes coal fines and a Water REclamation Project that treats ...

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  • Bauba Platinum

    Bauba Platinum Johannesburg, South Africa

    In September 2010 Bauba Platinum Limited was listed on the JSE. Bauba’s primary business objective is the exploration and development of the Bauba Project. This is a platinum group metals (PGM) project situated within ...

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