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  • RenEnergy

    RenEnergy Cape Town, South Africa

    Renergy are one of the leading global renewable energy companies. They have a genuine interest in promoting growth of the world’s solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity market. Renergy is passionate about renewables and ...

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  • Floradale Nurseries

    Floradale Nurseries Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    Floradale Nurseries and Garden Centre were established in 1937 and is one of South Africa’s oldest and well-known garden centres. They also have a nursery in East London (the original business). They are established as ...

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  • Kestrel Wind Turbines CO

    Kestrel Wind Turbines CO Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    Kestrel offers full renewable energy solutions for household, agricultural, telecommunications and corporate applications. The company, Kestrel Renewable Energy is a subdivision of the Eveready group, based in Port ...

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  • Collect-a-Can

    Collect-a-Can Johannesburg, South Africa

    Collect-a-Can is a proudly African organisation that promotes sustainability in which the organisation encourages the recovery and recycling of cans. The company has seven branches and this includes Botswana and ...

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