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  • Workwear Depot

    Workwear Depot Durban, South Africa

    Workwear are proud of their retail stores that personify their determination to provide customers with a unique and special experience. Designed with care and attention to detail, their stores are fully stocked with ...

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  • Cape Union Mart

    Cape Union Mart Cape Town, South Africa

    Cape Union Mart was established in 1933 by Philip Krawitz, the grandfather of the current Chairman, and is one of South Africa’s oldest and leading outdoor lifestyle stores. It was originally founded as an “Army and ...

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  • Exclusive Books

    Exclusive Books Rosebank, South Africa

    The first Exclusive Books store was founded as a tiny second-hand bookshop in 1951 by Philip and Pamela Joseph. It grew from there and finally in 1993 their flagship store was opened in Hyde Park. Since their humble ...

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  • Joshua Doore

    Joshua Doore Durban, South Africa

    Joshua Doore was established in 1973 and acquired by the JD Group in 1986. Their head office is situated in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and offers a wide range of furniture, household appliances and entertainment ...

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  • Style36

    Style36 Cape Town, South Africa

    Style 36 is an online based fashion store with a walk-in shop based in Salt River, which is the creative hub of Cape Town. As an online store they specialize in providing the best goods and services in relation to the ...

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  • 5Rooms

    5Rooms Cape Town, South Africa

    5Rooms is South Africa’s leading online store, providing the nation with the best homeware, furniture and lighting solutions in the hopes of fulfilling your needs. They provide a variety of goods and services within ...

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  • Ellerine Holdings Limited

    Ellerine Holdings Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Founded in 1968, Ellerine Holdings Limited operates credit and cash retail furniture and appliance sector. The group’s brand names include Ellerines, Town Talk, FurnCity, WetherlysOsiers, Dial-a-bed, Mattress Factory, ...

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  • Mathomo Group Ltd

    Mathomo Group Ltd Jacaranda, South Africa

    Mathomo Group Limited is a South African-based holding company. Through its four focused businesses including Alsafe, Select Corporate, M-Store, and Select PPE, Mathomo Group Limited provides quality workwear, personal ...

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  • Pals Holdings Limited

    Pals Holdings Limited Cape Town, South Africa

    The company was founded in 1925 and is a supplier of both locally manufactured as well as imported goods to all the major clothing retailers in South Africa. Pals is considered to be a fashion leader in their area of ...

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  • Italtile Limited

    Italtile Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Italtile Limited is a leading supplier of ceramic tiles and walling and related products through its destination one-step branched outlets, Italtile and CTM. The company stocks ancillary products to compliment the ...

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  • Nu-World Holdings Limited

    Nu-World Holdings Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Nu-World Holdings Limited is a holding Company listed on the JSE Limited South Africa. Through its subsidiaries it manufactures, imports, exports, and distributes a range of electrical appliances, consumer ...

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  • Rex Trueform Clothing Company

    Rex Trueform Clothing Company Cape Town, South Africa

    Rex Trueform Clothing Company Limited was established in Cape Town in 1937 and has been listed on the JSE Limited since 1945. The company has interests in the retailing of clothing and in property. Through its ...

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  • Holdsport Limited

    Holdsport Limited Cape Town, South Africa

    The leading nationwide retailer of specialist sports and outdoor apparel and equipment. They hold strategic investments in performance brands which supply technical apparel to the sporting goods industry under the Cape ...

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  • Verimark Holdings Limited

    Verimark Holdings Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    Verimark Holdings Limited was listed on the JSE main board in July 2005 and is a retail company that sources, develops and distributes unique superior quality products in the housewares, exercise and fitness, health, ...

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  • Home Choice Holdings Limited

    Home Choice Holdings Limited Johannesburg, South Africa

    The Home Choice Group is the largest home shopping retailer in Southern Africa, selling home ware merchandise and financial services products to the expanding urban middle-income mass market. Established in Cape Town ...

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