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05 July 2020

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Aerospace Industry Trader Job Description

What does an aerospace industry trader do?

An aerospace industry trader is in charge of maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment, parts and devices related to aircraft, aerospace and weaponry. They often work with aeronautical engineers who work as the project managers. Aside from maintenance and troubleshooting, they also work in manufacturing parts and materials depending on the project’s specifications.

Typical work activities of an aerospace industry trader?

Work activities of an aerospace industry trader are often based on daily check-up of equipments. This is especially true for mechanics who works for the airline industry. They have to make sure that the aircraft is in top condition before departure. They are also tapped if there is something wrong with any equipment or parts of the aircraft. Individuals who work for the government for weapons development are also assigned to actively test prototypes before manufacturing.

Training and education requirements?

A college degree related to aeronautics is required. Basic mechanics can also be accepted in this type of job but additional training through on the job experience is often required. Some aeronautics engineers start their career in this work as they learn more about the industry.

Where can I work as an Advocate?

Airline companies are the largest employer of an aerospace industry trader. Since airline companies operate in a daily basis, they need maintenance groups that will constantly monitor their aircraft. The government is also employing individuals with this type of training and they are often assigned to the defense department. They often work in maintaining government aircrafts or actively work on weapons development. Universities and training centers with courses and programs related to machinery also employs individuals with education and experience in aerospace mechanics.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Self employment for aerospace industry trader is very difficult. Since they have to constantly deal with large and expensive equipment, they cannot work independently since only a handful of individuals can afford an aircraft. Consultancy is also rare in aerospace industry trades because of the additional education and experience that can only be fulfilled by aeronautical engineer.

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