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29 May 2020

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Agricultural Economist Job Description

What does an agricultural economist do?

An agricultural economist provides forecasts of economic setting but with special interest on agriculture. This job takes a closer look at the current agricultural standing of any area and uses that information against the economic situation. Based on the data they gather, they offer sound advice and strategies for businesses and individuals related to agriculture.

Typical work activities of an agricultural economist

An agricultural economist constantly monitors the agriculture industry and the factors that could affect their production. They also create devices or methods on how to gather important data as well as properly using the data acquired. An agricultural economist could also forecast the economic situation related to agriculture using various techniques that could give an educated predication of the agricultural industry.

Training and education requirements?

The basic educational requirement for an agricultural economist is a degree on economics. A person could be an agricultural economist if he or she takes special interest in this industry. This means additional degree on agriculture or just exposure to the industry because of previous experiences such as a business or actual work related to agriculture.

Where can I work as an agricultural economist?

A career as an agricultural economist is possible through a government position or working with the private sector. Food companies often hire agricultural economist since they will need an expert who can provide advice and create strategies related to the raw ingredient they use in their product. Even companies that only manufacture equipments related to agriculture will also require the services of an agricultural economist. Agricultural economist can also find employment in various schools and universities as an instructor.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Although a career in government and private sector can be a great career for an agricultural economist, there is always an option to work as an independent consultant. Because of the demand for this skill, an independent consultant can work with multiple companies thus extending their earning capabilities.

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