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03 June 2020

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Agricultural Inspector Job Description

What does an agricultural inspector do?

An agricultural inspector makes sure that every agricultural product sold to be consumed is according to the standards set by the government. Aside from inspecting agricultural output by farmers and businesses, they also evaluate the process of making or growing these agricultural products. They also prepare reports that contain the actual evaluation of the agricultural process and/or product.

Typical work activities of an agricultural inspector?

Agricultural inspector often works on site since they have to observe the actual processes involved in growing agricultural products. They are also seen evaluating companies involved in manufacturing food since they have to make sure that the process involved is clean and according to government restrictions. There are also instances wherein an agricultural inspector is at meat facilities as they have to inspect meat sold for consumers.

Training and education requirements?

A degree related to agriculture is a must for an agricultural inspector. Agricultural science is the most popular degree for those aiming to be agricultural inspectors. Agricultural engineers can also opt for this position but they often regarded this as a stepping stone or an early training for bigger responsibilities. Training for this position is very minimal as agricultural sciences are very comprehensive and government restrictions are very specific on their regulations.

Where can I work as an agricultural inspector?

The government is the biggest employer of agricultural inspectors. The government needs to have agricultural inspectors since they have to make sure that their citizens consume quality food. Companies may also require the services of agricultural inspectors as their employees if the company wants to make sure that their processes or planned technologies are according to government laws and restrictions. Private employment for agricultural inspector is very rare as they are limited to larger companies.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Agricultural inspectors cannot be self-employed as their capacity to inspect is based on government authority or when they are employed by businesses. If they are not employed or did not have any prior experience with the government, they cannot work as inspectors.

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