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17 November 2019

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Air Traffic Controller Job Description

What does an Air Traffic Controller do?

An air traffic controller helps in air traffic safety by guiding approaching aircrafts to properly land in the runway. Because multiple airlines are coming in the major airport at the same time, there is danger of mid-air collision when they are not properly directed. Air traffic controller prevents this mishap by assisting aircrafts navigate before landing.

Typical work activities of an Air Traffic Controller?

An air traffic controller works with some of the most sophisticated communication and guidance technology. They constantly communicate with different airline pilots where they give specific instructions on when to land. They could also provide reports on air traffic to their superiors.

Training and education requirements?

A degree related to aeronautics is a requirement for air traffic controller. They should have a deep understanding of aircraft mechanism in order to properly provide instructions. But an air traffic controller is not just any degree holder. A controller should have powerful memory, hearing and quick decision making. Controllers in major airports are always under pressure since they have to navigate or send out instructions to different airlines while taking note of the next wave of aircrafts.

Because of the pressure and required skills in this work, rigorous training is expected. Many airports are constantly looking for experienced controllers no ensure maximum airline safety.

Where can I work as an Air Traffic Controller?

An air traffic controller works for the airport. An employment possibility, however, is greatly influenced by the airport’s location. An airport could only have three controllers if the airport is never busy. Major international airports will require more as airports are utilized by more airlines. Air traffic controllers with graduate studies can also be teachers in their field.

Can I work for myself in this job?

Because air traffic controllers work for airports, freelance or independent work is not possible for this career.